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 This is an honour for me to include this interview with Dan B. Zahed in the first issue of my zine as their last album "Shemhamforash" was a really good one in my ears!


NIHIL: Can you introduce AMON to our readers as you aren't really wel known in FRANCE? How many releases have you got? Did you release a demo tape?

DAN: The band exists since 91. I'm the former of the band AMON.
We made two CDs and a video. We never released a demo tape.


NIHIL: I really appreciate your album "Shemhamforash", this was a kind of black death metal with a black metal sound, the feeling of death was very strong here! Could you tell me the bands that influenced you to write a so mayhemic and satanic music?



NIHIL: Have you got anything to say about the mighty BATHORY or some excellent old school german bands? I'm sure you've got and exciting info! Tell us about your love for the early BATHORY!

BAN: No other band had so much influence about satanism as BATHORY. The music was so evil, more than every other band. VENOM was very cool too, I loved DESTRUCTION and KREATOR very much a this time.


NIHIL: You seem to be very much involved into satanism. Are you practicising it or are you only interested by the images of the goat, satan, the demons... I think the dark side is very popular nowadays! Don't you think black death metal would have kept a mysterious aura if it staid more underground?

DAN: That's true. I'm interested in satanism since 13 years, it's more mysterious if it's more underground. I think it's not bad if some bands are more commercial because some peoples have interest in satanism.



NIHIL: What does "Shemhamforash" means?

DAN: That's just the unspeakable name of god in the believe of judas.


NIHIL: Will there be more AMON albums and how will it sound like? I hope you won't ruin your band wimping out to too much atmospheric and funny melodical stuffs! Stay evil and keep the fucking death feeling!

DAN: In the next album, there will be more whanges between the songs because all the members are now involved in the tracks' writing. I don't want to much of some melodical stuffs in AMON's songs.


NIHIL: On the back of you album, there is a photo of one AMON's gig and it looks very intense! What could you say about it?

DAN: In the past we made a lot with fire and stuffs like that; but today it's normal in the black metal scene, so we don't use it anymore! I want to do things that no other band do. I made myself one braklets, I look for an individual way for AMON.


NIHIL: Your singer has got a monstruosly satanic voice! Duing the recording sessions, has he done something special (Automutilation, demons evocation, hash, beer...) to make so great vocals.

DAN: He uses nothing for his voice, no hash, no alcohol. He's not very happy with the voice on the last album, he wanna make it better on the next one!


NIHIL: That's all for now! The last words are yours!

DAN: I hope there are more peoples like you in France! Write to me folks! Don't support fashist bands like GRAVELAND, MARDUK, BURZUM, etc...