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As AMID PAIN has released a quite cool Death metal demo, I've decided to ask them a few questions, it's as simple as that! Unfortunately their music is better than this interview because they haven't got much interesting things to say...


NIHIL: Hi death metaller ! Introduce your band...

JOHN: Hello G. AMID PAIN is Matt Szablewicz on vocals, Joe Heller on bass, my brother Dave Sheehan on drums, and my self on guitar.


NIHIL: You’ve just released your first 4 tracks demo, how has been the responses so far? How many copies did you sell and are happy with the sound?

JOHN: Responses have been good. Between sales and promotion we’ve gotten out about 300 tapes. We are still in the beginnings of getting the name out, and stuff.


NIHIL: How long did you work on this 4 songs before before recording it?

JOHN: We’ve worked on the music a couple of years before recording. We had other songs, but not quite as good, so we just used the 4 tunes.


NIHIL: What does AMID PAIN means and where did it comes from?

JOHN: The name comes from one of our songs entitled AMID PAIN. The lyrics have to do with the suffering and struggle humans deal with while living in this world.


NIHIL: Did any member of AMID PAIN play in anither band before?

JOHN: Matt did the vocals for a band called NO RESTRAINTS. Joe and I both worked in a couple of projects together ( AWFUL TRUTH, REVOLTAGE).


NIHIL: You seem to be very hard working to promote your music so I’d like you to tell me what would be your ultimate goal as death metal band?

JOHN: The utlimate goal is to have financed recordings, and world tours.


NIHIL: On some riffs you’re similar to the third ENTOMBED album so I’d like you to tell me what you think about their musical evolution.

JOHN: Don’t care for ENTOMBED’s music these days. Unfortunately they’ve lost direction. Their early releases were great, especially « Clandestine ».


NIHIL: How would you name your sound? Please give me at least 5 or 6 bands name that could help the readers to imagine how your music sounds like!

JOHN: Original death metal with a raw, abrupt style. Basically it’s a death/ thrash/ blast combination with plenty of energy and aggression. Bands that have influenced the music are SABBATH, SLAYER, MORBID ANGEL, early ENTOMBED, CANNIBAL CORPSE.


NIHIL: You’re coming from New York, is there a great Death metal scene here? Are there any bands and zines coming from this part of your country you’d like to recommend?

JOHN: The scene is not great. INTERNAL BLEEDING brings in good alternance at the shows. That’s really about it, there’s really not a lot going on. From what I understand Death/ grind is really going on in the midwestern part of the USA ( Illinois, Ohio).


NIHIL: On your flyers it’s written you practice some « Raw Abrupt Death Metal », tell me what’s the concept hidding behind this  and what makes the difference between AMID PAIN and the other Death Metal bands?

JOHN: It’s not really a hidden concept, that just explains how the music sounds in our opinion. We’re not worried about being brutal, evil, violent, etc. We are more concerned with writing the best riffs and music we possibly can. We already know the music is going to be heavy and brutal.


NIHIL: I personally think the rawest Death Metal bands are meant to stay hidden in the deepness of the underground, aren’t you afraid to hurt some gothic metal lovers with your brutal music? Would you change your style to sell more copies and to get free beers at the end of your shows?

JOHN: That would be funny if the brutality of the music hurts gothic metal lovers. It could never make any sense to change our style of music for others. Why would we play music we didn’t like to sell extra copies, or drink a couple of extra beers? It’s be stupid.


NIHIL: During your gigs how’s the crowd? Do you prefer the brutal guys who headbang like bastards or the other who stay behind the moshpit and who try to understand deeply your music and appreciate the technicity?

JOHN: The gigs have been pretty cool. Pesronally I feel we need some improvement with our live shows, but we’re getting better. The feedback from the crowd has been good. Both types are respected. I have to say that the people in the pit and the headbangin’ batards give the band more energy and incentive!


NIHIL:  Tell me what you think of the following bands: AUTOPSY (R.I.P), EMBALMER, UNHOLY DEATH (USA), PARRICIDE (USA).

JOHN: AUTOPSY was cool, EMBALMER’s O.K., UNHOLY DEATH is O.K. ( looking forward to the new release). Sorry to say I have not heard PARRICIDE.


NIHIL: Have you ever heard about the french underground? don’t you think many frenh bands lack of maturity compared to the american ones? I think the french bands’ music often sounds cliché coz they’re into the biggest bands only, there brutal tastes aren’t varied enough, it’s better when you’re influenced by more bands...

JOHN: I am not familiar with the french underground enough to criticize it.


NIHIL: How, when and why did you decided to play Death Metal? What were the first Cds that kicked your ass?

JOHN: I started with joe, and we were playing SABBATH, METALLICA, SLAYER covers when we were kids. It just evolved from there. Releases that had impact were the first 3 SLAYER releases (especially « Reign in blood », first 3 METALLICA, SEPULTURA « Beneath the remains », DEATH « Spiritual healing », MORBID ANGEL « Blessed are the sick », ENTOMBED « Clandestine », CANNIBAL CORPSE « The bleeding » and « Vile ». All these releases kicked my ass in good!


NIHIL: Ok man, that’s all for now give us you last words and tell us the merchandising for sale!

JOHN: Thanks for the interview. All into Death metal should check out our demo. Send blank tape and S.A.S.E, or 3US$ post paid in order to receive a copy of the demo.