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Adam Conrad isn't a technical death grind band, neither a shredding grindcore outfit who would have taken the name of a serial killer... He's a Death metal maniac who has a lot of things
to say about death metal, Death metal...
And especially DEATH METAL! Since reading his messages was inspiring and shew he has quite some opinions about some things, I thought interrogating him was a good idea. I gathered a bunch of questions and sent the whole bag, to receive these loooong answers! Prepare your glasses and
ocular prosthesis.



1. Could you introduce yourself to the morbid readers? What should they know about yourself before keeping on swallowing?

Howdy y’all I’m Adam Conrad, and at some places known as the16th6toothson, I’m a DeathMetal nerd who just lives for this stuff and doesn’t really care about anything else! …well that and my woman haha.


2. When did you discover Metal? When did you discover Death metal? What was your first Death metal album? What did you like in this kind of metal then, and why was it without any doubt better than other genres of music?

I was very young (pre kindergarten) when my uncle introduced me to KISS, it just snowballed and skyrocketed from there really, I lived in the 80’s so metal was more “out there” literally and figuratively so to a degree you almost couldn’t help but to be swept up by it if you were the least bit curious.
Oh the DeathMetal thing!!! I remember I was in 7th grade and remarked to a friend that while Megadeth and Judas Priest were awesome they were not…total gore, and while The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Dawn of the Dead were awesome, they’re not… total riffs! He blurted, almost like some demonic possession instantly occurred and forced him to vomit forth my destiny- "you want DeathMetal".
We had a mutual friend who had a cousin who dug the stuff and he gave me a dub tape/compilation of tracks from Deicide, Altars of Madness and Eaten Back to Life. The first song I heard was “Carnage in the Temple of the Damned” and while it was wild, it was still missing the ONE thing I needed...the elusive emement of total and absolute gore. The Cannibal Corpse songs had the song titles I wanted to see “Edible Autopsy” …oh yah, that’s the EXACT thing I was searching for. Not to discredit Deicide or Morbid Angel but Cannibal Corpse was exactly what my brain wanted.
Weeeeell the first friend I mentioned took me to Record Alley (the ONE place to find underground depravity in Northern KY!-it later became Phil’s Records) where I was going to find Eaten Back to Life (hopefully). Welp, I didn’t find it. But I DID find the NEW! Release. Butchered at fucking Birth. I can thank IT for practically, single handedly changing my life for the better!
It was the best for me because it transcended my needs. Not only was it literally heavy metal and horror movies at the same time it was 80 times more awesome than both could ever hope to be, the songs were so amazingly arranged, deranged and so infectiously absurd. There was this sense of “far beyond the norm” that made it so special and intriguing for me, it was (and still is) exciting and wild!
As time progressed I found myself alone in my adoration for DEATHMETAL. My friends were still listening to Gutter Ballet (awful album by the way!) and I was losing my shit to Utopia Banished and Like An Everflowing Stream haha.
Its the best because it still gives me what i want. its not wimpy at all - its still brutal, menacing, aggressive, passionately barbaric and ruthless, its stubborn ugly music for stubborn ugly people!

3. Some of your posts are very opinioned, you have quite strong views about metal subjects... I can't help but remember some US underground metal zines from the 90's... Some of them where very impressive from an European eye, some for their tone and freedom of speech, some for their metal weight (The amount of items reviewed inside was... Bigger than many t webzines)... Where you involved in a fanzine at the time? What was the name, and how many issues were released? As far as you remember, what were the best underground American Death metal fanzines from the 80's and 90's?

I wasn’t really involved with the paper zines until the latter half of the 90’s because in 91 through 94 I was still a bit starstruck in some ways, I didn’t realize how small it all really was at that point – it didn’t seem small yknow?...from the perspective of someone in their early teens.
I sent some reviews in the form of pen palling to some people-one woman in Arizona (the name escapes me) and a guy who had a mag called “Fart Bag” and Pernicious (that was a damn good one!) I actually never saw copies of what I had written back then (only 2 or 3 reviews for each) if anyone has anything with my name on it – get in touch!
my favorite was definitely Esoteric, it had 2 elements that really stood out to me – the writing was better than others, there wasn’t questions like “what beer do you drink to get the drunkest” haha, it was more thought out and provocative, I appreciated the professionalism – even at a young age. But ALSO! It was small and fit in your pocket like a readers digest! BIG points for that novel concept!


4. Where you involved in webzines in the 00's? What were the names? Tell us more! Webzines were quite a change compared to paper zines, even though I remember the web of the first years was much more relaxed, the underground metal appeal wasn't very different from paper zines... What has fucked the whole affair in your opinion? Was it about the amount of peoples (Too many peoples = Supermarket feeling = Not underground anymore), the diminishing value ANYTHING can have... Or what?

The 00’s is where I started to become VERY involved, I was more confident in my writing, had already built up a large paper mail network, had a wealth of contacts and was ready to take on the faster realm of the cyberworld. I made some missteps because I wasn’t prepared for “trolls” (you guys are major losers by the way) but you’re right it was VERY fun then. I worked for a few ezines: Initium, Unchallenged Hate, Digital Metal, New Flesh, an unmentioned piece of garbage who thinks he’s too cool for DeathMetal, Diabolical Conquest, and some other one I forget the name of! I would also just write reviews for whomever and whenever and would send them to anyone who would accept “what? No FleshGrinder reviews? Damnit!...here, take mine!” haha.

What fucked it all up? Two answers: people “too cool” for the music (oh just drop off the planet you asshole!) and downloaders.
The "too cool" guy who think everything has to suck and be given a bad review, it just zaps the fun out ENTIRELY.
The downloader is the WORST thing to happen to metal and is even worse than pantera and should be punishable via ostracism. If you are reading this and you download – I hate you and I want you to stop listening to metal IMMEDIATELY and go ruin something else you selfish, ignorant, USELESS pile of dog excrement! It ushered in droves and droves (and plagues) of less than half hearted passionless “fans” who serve to only SEVERELY damage in a few years what has taken us decades to build. Make no mistake downloading thief, you are the ultimate poser the ultimate scum and you are my enemy

5. Even though Metal-archives might become useful for the NSA, to help the authorities and employers track down peoples involved in this or that "Not so clear" metal movement, I didn't find much infos related to "Adam Conrad"... Is this true you didn't play in so many bands? Are you an underground supporter and activist hidden in the shadows, and not giving a little quarter of juicy fuck for fame? So I saw you have written some lyrics for Deranged, Deviant, Sinners Burn, and another one of Rogga Johansson's dysentery (Yes, enough is enough)... Got involved in clandestine rubberless porn. Also drawn a logo for Dislimb... Is it easy to write lyrics for a band when you don't know their music very well? Do you generally write lyrics for yourself, or need someone to send you inner-corporal-sounds to plunge into? And what about the logos, isn't it a bit too boring to "Change this" and then "Change that", and then "Oh, no, change that now"... This might be the worse, or not?

I rehearsed with some bands and did some studio stuff with friends but YES you are correct! I played in NO bands J I’m almost entirely talentless in the form of playing an instrument, I’m so wretchedly bad that AC/DC might as well be Yngwie Malmsteen.
I can growl – I have always been fond of my vocals but I never really put them to good use and *puh* by now in my older years I don’t think they’re what they used to be haha. Oh well, I have a lyrical legacy that I’ve left behind and I still have some up my short sleeves!
I wouldn’t mind having a fraction of an ounce of fame – for someone to say “your vocals on your 2nd album are phenomenal!” just once would probably make me giggle all high pitched like when Homer Simpson notices a squirrel but that will probably never happen and that’s ok, it feels great and honorable just to help my friends with my written words!

Deviant was the first band I wrote for, they had some songs fully assembled with “mrr mrr mrrr muuh mrrr” vocal patterns that I wrote lyrics for, and others with NO patterns where I gave them the words and suggestions. And then a few more that had lyrics given to them first – and the music came after. I was NOT happy they never printed the lyrics because one in particular was outstanding…but they also changed its song title to one that made sense of the context but *shrug* what are you gonna go… it’s their band not mine haha

For Rogga, he came to me specifically to write 2 songs for him for an unnamed project – and in literally the span between waking up and showering I gave him two songs that turned out so perfect!
instincts prevailed…I had listened to his music for years already, I had his gravel gargling voice in my head and they came out naturally, as if that same demon who possessed my friend many years prior guided my mind and fingers to give him something unquestionable the first try. He loved them, still loves them and I feel EXTREMELY honored that on one of those tracks Jonas from Puteraeon plays lead…I was some sort of “distribution” for Puteraeon’s demos in America & even made some homemade layouts for them haha--- so to write the words and have him play a lead felt extra special for me (MegaScavenger is the band by the way) since then Rogga asked me to write more and wanted some for one of his other bands very recently…I dropped the ball because I thought my lyrics sucked. Sorry Rogga, they just were not good :(

For Deranged, I wrote lyrics for myself one day and then said “wow… crazy..these are TOTALLY in the Deranged style! Maybe Rikard will agree and take them!” Rikard agreed, added in his half and VIOLA! Machine Built to Kill and Symphony of Screams were born! Buy the Morgue Orgy EP via Sevared Records and enjoy!

I have some more lyrics coming for Sinners Burn …whenever they find a label!

That logo has a funny story, on a sheet of paper I drew 15 or so logos – all terrible. They chose the smallest – quickest one. It looked not too bad after it was magnified 17 times HAHAHA!!!


6. I noticed you regularly use to post pictures of albums you "modified": Changed the tracks order, deleted some songs, equalized the sound, and sometimes even made a new cover for yourself... Which albums became your favorites once "revisited"? In a way you don't "experience" the albums the way the bands intended you to do... Is that really catholic? Did you already send one of your revisited albums to the band?

HAHA! Oh yah, I got some crap over that type of behavior. I figured I’m the one that has to spend all of these years on these albums – if it has a fixable flaw I’m going to fix it! Too many intros? That gets the axe, 2 or 3 obviously AWFUL songs (not mediocre mind you, I’m talking completely unlistenable bad – like that harsh noise track on Ethos Musick!) that gets the axe and I will re-do the layout if I can! Tracks out of order OH MAN! That drives me up a freakin wall and oh yah – if it has a rancid sound, I WILL remaster it haha!!!
I should start sending them out I suppose, my favorites that I totally and completely redid would be Malevolent Creation-The Fine Art of Murder (remastered it and took out 3 songs, then made my own back layout – looks and sounds fantastic!) Malevolent Creation-StillBorn (remastered…sounds good!), Suffocation-Breeding the Spawn (remastered, sounds GREAT!) and Mortal Decay-Forensic (COMPLETELY reordered the tracks…hard to imagine it any other way now!).
I have a wealth of albums I “De-MorticiaN-izeD” as well and that’s always fun! Cutting an album down from 47 minutes with 25% filler to just 32 minutes of ANNIHILATION! Oooh yah! I’m also not a fan of interludes that overstay their welcome (lookin’at YOU mid era Krisiun!!!)
my gal is getting me Photoshop for Xmas ( I haven’t had it in a long time now…) and I plan on totally redoing Cannibal Corpse-Gallery of Suicide and turning it into an EP without the lame songs and remastering the sound…the remaster will be difficult but I am giving it a shot! i also have loads of layouts i have intended to fix over the last year!


7. Peoples often complain about the quality of Mp3 sound, but I remember in the beginning 00's, when Mp3 compression was still low quality, some albums got a quite "liquid" sound and for some grind or blasting death demos it could have quite some "charm"... Could we say it's the equivalent of the "special" audio tape sound? Would you laugh if I would say "I miss something" now hearing a demo without the cheap mp3 compression?

Mp3’s sound like how baked dog anus smells and are the bad breath of our enemy. i will never have anything positive to say about them.


8. Ok, ok, old school Death metal is back again, with many bands being influenced and sounding so close to the "creators" from the end 80's/ beginning 90's... but is it always so good to hear in your opinion? With a new "Not so natural" flow of a big quantity of bands, aren’t you afraid we will soon be flooded with mediocritically average music? Aren't you afraid the cult of white excrements might migrate from the black metal scene to the death metal one for too long, every Darkthrone worshippers and copiers trying and claiming to play "genuine oool school death metal" while they will at best reproduce average morbid thrash? What are the best new/ young/ retro death metal bands in your humble rotting (psiosisifed) opinion?

I will take mediocre over straight up “bad” anyday. As for the influx of “old is new” – a lot of really good bands came from that but I think they failed in one EXTREMELY important element: time.
Time is the greatest test for any album, who cares if it instantly satisfied or bewildered you? That’s all well and good, but does it stand up 5 years later? 10?...15?...25? these are vital things to consider. Those bands from 2007 through 2009 who rode the retro waves either changed their style altogether (WIMPS!!!!) or in general just didn’t write music that stood well against father time. Nothing too terrible, and I was unoffended by the “trend” but those bands just didn’t have the ability to write something timeless, they thought by replicating history they could somehow repeat it? It’s better to slow down as a band and make sure you create songs that can’t be dated. This is where bands like SinisteR have always excelled in my opinion. They don’t sound like a time frame, they sound like well written DEATHMETAL…
I’m getting a little off subject, DarkThrone clones? Which anti-trend-trendy era do you speak of? Wanna be EntombeD? (great album by the way haha), the static screechy black stupidity, or the pseudo punkthrash? Or the Viking whatever? If anyone is reading this 8 years from now, how many times has that troupe of VERY INSINCERE anti-fad chasing “spearheaders” changed their sound again? Fuck you Fenriz, you’re a nice guy but you’re totally dishonest – just be in a KISS cover band because we ALL KNOW that’s the REAL you!!!
I could go on an even deeper tirade about the guy and his opinions and reasons but i think i really can cover it all with the one word "insincere".

I totally skipped the "which bands are good" and i am awful because i keep thinking bands that arent even new! OR young haha... Repuked, Revel in Flesh, Vanhelgd, Verminous, Dead Congregation, Mandatory, Graveyard, Horrendous, Undergang...though none of these have "young" members---and everyone seemingly knows about them haha
The unfortunately expired Ascended were very gifted song writers. SlugathoR were too...again i am getting off track because i keep mentioning bands that are not exactly "new" haha! ...if there is a band that is new that is full of members who are actually young - the award goes to SKELETAL REMAINS who sound like every album ever recorded at Morrisound HAHA!

9. Tell us more about your hate for black metal! Why does it suck so much? What should we replace it with?

Oh ho ho ho wow, here it comes.
well first of all the music totally sucks and they can’t write a strong song to save their fashionable wimp lives!!!! The fans are all so wrapped up in the do’s and don’ts that it’s sad and …aggravating. It was always based on fashion, stupid political or …dorky pseudointellectual mumbojumbo and “atmosphere” first and the actual music was practically forgotten about, I’m a fan of true compositions – even if simple, please give me a “song” not a “mood” I think it’s a copout!
next we get into this bullshit of magazines in the mid 90’s proclaiming DeathMetal as dead while riding high on the coattails of church burnings and court trials and playing in the woods buffoonery – meanwhile DeathMetal is just too plain jane, the band dudes look too much like…dudes in bands and not enough like Halloween… you can’t market sweatpants and astonishing riffs, but you sure can market spikes and GARBAGE MUSIC…because ooooh look at all of the leather and panda paint! It’s for people who don’t care about the music at all – it’s for people who care about the bells and whistles, not the actual meat. You don’t get songs like “Sense of Demise” or “Cries of the Forsaken” from BlackMetal, you get some retard going BLLLEEEEIIIAAAAIIIGH over the same repetitious static nonsense, it’s tiring and bland-the dynamics are all but gone and the extremism isn’t that extreme. …and what do they fall back on if they’re not burning a church? Radical political beliefs to take the attention away from their pitiful and useless songs. Fuck blackmetal. DEATHMETAL explodes it.
If blackmetal never had the image, no one would like it.


10. In another interview, you were asked a list of 10 Death metal albums everyone should own... Let's talk about some of your choices... It can be good to exchange opinions.

Cannibal Corpse - "Butchered at Birth". Why do you prefer this album in particular? I have problems to say if Butchered is better than "Tomb of the mutilated", or even maybe "The bleeding" under some angles (Even if this last one didn't get a too good grade when I was younger).

Because it’s exactly what I wanted and needed to hear. it still is, EVERYTHING i need. Tomb of the Mutilated is a great album, and the drum works has so many cool fills and drum riffs...its catchy as hell and a timeless, interesting ride, but not as rotten or as horrific. its has a humor that Butchered didn't have (same can be said for Eaten Back to Life; their comic book gore tour de force) so in many ways its not as dangerous or as evil. The Bleeding is a bit poppy. its a good album, i won't poop on it but compared to Butchered at Birth, it might as well be top 40 ...to a degree!

Dismember - "Like An Everflowing Stream". Did they really record another very good album? What's your opinion about Carnage? It was more or less the same band, Carnage being a bit darker and less melodic...

I love all DismembeR albums but this one was simply the best. Pieces is also incredible!! All of their albums I hold close to my heart. Yah that Carnage album is kind of weird… just a few actual Carnage songs and then DismembeR demo songs played slightly slower and…MUCH darker. Very cool album, quite mesmerizing. Hey blackmetal wimps: HERE is your atmosphere!!!!

Monstrosity - "Imperial Doom". I was a bit surprised since I expected an album they recorded later... In my humble rotting opinion their second one "Millennium" is an improvement of the first one... More technical, more efficient.

Yes but it’s not as raw or as bold, it’s still that wondrous balance of catchy and technical but Imperial Doom just has a sound I adore, the bass sound is the best ever! Mark Van Erp is the man!!!! I wish Millennium had a rawer sound… like the Slaves and Masters demo. It’s an AWESOME album, not slagging it all but-Imperial Doom is “more perfect” for my brain haha

Entombed - "Left Hand Path" ( & everything else they did under Earache). I was going to bite you, thinking about "To ride, shoot straight..." but it wasn't released on Earache... Anyway, do you still regularly listen to "Wolverine blues"? It's quite a long time for me... I prefer the "Hollowman" EP also released in 1993: It contains more Death metal, it's a bit faster, and easily to ingurgitate

Oh! FINALLY someone praises Hallowman, that’s one of my favorite EP’s of all time and HellRaiser is a spinechiller! (more atmosphere than any pandaclown could create!) yah I love Wolverine Blues, fuck anyone who doesn’t-it’s a total kick in the teeth! i think that they wrote music that was ahead of the curve, and ahead of the time and its pretty painful to see an outlandish number of people who just write that era off STILL!

Pungent Stench - "Been Caught Buttering". I have never been a big fan... I like some songs from here and there, the artworks are great... But that's all... Always felt it sounded more like a 2nd/3rd grade Death metal band, and doesn't really fit in the list of absolute top 10 Death metal albums! Please, please, help us to feel the stench and explain what is so good in their fukked reekordings!

Hmmm, there is no way they could be considered 2nd or 3rd grade since they were so original and full of their own distinct, unique charm. i can't compare them to anyone except the Mentors, Autopsy and Napalm Death... but that's just because they used some Mentoriffings and implented a blast style like Napalm' and when they went slow it got SUPER sick ala...Autopsy! but honestly - Pungent Stench were a league of their own and still are (maybe Repuked is somewhat close?). They kinda oozed sex appeal and were practically smothered in perversity - and that appeals to me a great deal. For me, Pungent Stench were ladies men...well, how i think ladies men should be, suave and riddled with charm but mostly, just a cochino haha! Listen to em again, maybe think outside of the box a lil and let their personality & style permeate and penetrate!

Brutality - "Screams Of Anguish" Did you hear their new Ep "Ruins of humans"? It is really cool and close to their first two albums... They are in the right way to record a really cool and good album! (Much better than their half-assed demo from 2003). Go and check it out now... Corporal embalming guaranteed!

Oh yah, its phenomenal - two perfect songs that teach the world how to write strong compositions, how to truly compose DeathMetal. Orchestrated with actual builds, bridges and climaxes with no gimmicks. these days people write "technical" music and ALL of the human emotions and feelings are sacrificed...never with Brutality, who use their skills to create a story - not just trying to just be flashy or showy! i would rank this new material above In Mourning and if the whole full length is of this caliber it will top When The Sky Turns Black with relative ease. Good on them for getting their best lineup all on the same page, firing on all cylindars and being once again - one of the best bands on earth. THANKFULLY this time they have a built in fan base and there should be more noteriety for their outstanding music - not like the first time around when they were the planets best keep secret - which would be a HIDEOUS fate if they had never escaped it.

11. What are the most overrated Death metal bands in your opinion?*

Overrated? odd question because overrated careers like Morbid Angel and Deicide still have overlooked brilliance (Formulas Fatal to the Flesh, the post Hoffman era excepting one really amazingly AWFUL album respectfully).
but - strangely enough i will say DEATH and CARCASS...because their popularity, while warranted - renders far too many bands way WAY too low in the totem poll.
My advice to DeathMetal fans: stop listening to the same 8 bands for a few years, take the time to go underground for a while. if you like Death and Carcass take the time to discover Kabbal and (early) FleshGrinder!
Cannibal Corpse however, deserves everything since no DeathMetal band has ever came CLOSE to *that* kind of work ethic. There has never been and will never be a harder working DeathMetal band - they earned every half penny of fame and respect the old fashioned way. MAJOR respect to that name!


12. What are the most overrated Brutal death metal bands in your opinion?

Hmmm-Devourment are craptacular garbage, who in the blue hell made them so popular? color me confused! plus it ushered in a whole gawdamn tidal wave of utterly insipid bands...i can't picture Devourment without picturing a neandertard in a football jersey bellowing pantera's song "walk". gross...


13. I sometimes don't really understand peoples who despise all brutal death so radically... I began with Death metal in 93/ 94 and saw it slowly get faster, heavier, more technical, more "masculine" to see a new genre "emerge" few years later... Ok, since a "couple" of years brutal death metal and technical death have gone really too far in the ultra-gore-noise-brutallization and 10 fingers crisis of epileptic wankery ways of morbidifying things, but something inside of me still tells me you can't really deeply and totally understand death metal as a whole if you despise anything that seems to be brutal death (Or "old school brutal death" if you prefer, let's be a bit more picky so that it's easier to swallow with the mind). Brutal death hasn't always been boring and impossible to digest... What are your opinions and feelings about this burning meat topic?

Uuuh...hmm. good music is good music, bad music is bad music. but then we have the case of good vocals/bad vocals.
its hard to screw up pure DeathMetal but REALLY easy to screw up ultra-mega-excessively-brutal.
some of these "knuckles dragging so low that out of nowhere China is 3 meters higher" bands are onto something cool or at least inoffensive - then aluvusudden "Reet reet" PASS!!!!
but i think other than a misstep like that, as long as they avoid slamming into oblivion while dressing and talking like wiggers; the Brute Squad have tons of great ideas to offer willing brains.
As far as the wankery, ever seen that South Park episode with the peeing in the pool and at one point is it all pee?
moderation is key. ...or don't do it (too much wank) at all and just sound like the first Obituary album! - not a bad thing!

14. Sometimes I feel many of the energy we could find in the new brutal death metal, or death grind, or even "grindcore" bands from few years ago, have vanished, and a part of the younger energy has been sucked out by Deathcore... And how lucky I am, I don't get much into this new kind of music called "Deathcore" (Years before, wasn't this meant to be an older genre of "metal" melting together Death metal and hardcore in a very different manner? Wasn't there an OBITUARY album containing "Deathcore"? Weren't BAPHOMET some kind of deathcore by moments?). The production isn't good for my hears, and... the... style... is... FUCK... Boring.... But since I'm wiser than a few years before, it seemed pointless to check out every new single bands claiming to play deathcore to find something good... So, please: Help, help, help... Did you find some good Deathcore bands? (I mean REALLY good, with feelings and atmospheres from the inside... Not the modern plastic-test-tubes-babies-cinematic-blast)... Can you really HHHEEEELLLLPPP?

No good deathcore bands exist. its just a trend (that is almost dead now) all kinds of trends came n went, right now the big in thing (at least in the USA) is Slam, white kids trying to thug which never EVER works (Vanilla Ice, ICP, etc) Slam to me sounds like poorly performed hip hop with rock n roll instruments and some retard going "RRNT *burp* BLET BLEEGGGHHht Ree reet" over it...yknow "gutterals bro"
just goofs who have no idea what metal actually is. that kinda stuff will always be around - false metal has many flavors, all of which are bad.


15. How could the music of a band enter your Death metal collection? Would this be something easy to achieve for a new underground Death metal band? How big is your Death metal collection, and how do you sort out these releases (By alphabetical order, by genre (Floridian Death metal rack on the left, Swedish death rack on the right, doom death shelf in there...)). Do you collect only CDs, also tapes, vinyls... Or something else?

You don't have to reinvent the wheel, just know how to drive the tank.
I love many types of DeathMetal from Autopsy to Yattering, from Blood Freak to Monstrosity, from something brand new to golden oldies to even the stuff that was popping up in the Czech Republic in 1998. I even like the EntombeD albums after Nicke left haha!
i just don't like bands that are either straight up bad, are a bunch of wiggers (slam), are WAY too technical (Rings of Saturn is one...) or are too boring to recall (even as its playing haha).
...Just, yknow, sound like chainsaws, vomiting dogs, swarms of bees, machine guns - its good to have screaming solos too.
and Dutch, just be Dutch - if you're Dutch you can pretty much do anything and you'll rule.
i LOVE "generic" DeathMetal too - if you paint inside the lines, its a pretty picture everytime! so yah, it would be pretty easy to win me over!
Its sorted alphabetically and chronologically, but its also sorted left handed, or "backwards" as i have been told by those who follow the Right Hand Path (which ironically is the Incorrect Hand Path)
Only CD's - the story of my turn table and double cassette deck and why i no longer have that is a painful memory i would rather not recollect...so CD's out the wahzoo!
the collection is approximate 2000, and i am very aware that - that number is not that large at all! i need another 1,500 or so before i am in the big boys league haha!!!

16. What do you think about these albums? (This contains some of the most disappointing "Death metal" albums according to the common death metal "knowledge", or personal tastes, but this doesn't mean I hate all these albums, nor these all suck... So tell us about your OWN opinion)

MORBID ANGEL - Illud divinum insanus
Hahaha, HILARIOUS album. i hate davey vincent and trey has no good ideas left. PASS -600/10

CARCASS - Surgical steel
I think that - its unfortunate Carcass came back because now people will pay too much attention to them again and not enough of more deserving bands (SINISTER) but its a good album - but what do i know, i also liked HeartWork (except the song No Love Lost) -7/10

MORGOTH - Feel sorry for the fanatics
Truth be told, i have NEVER heard this one haha!

AUTOPSY - Shitfun
Oh man oh MAN OHHH MAAAANN!!! this one has one of my greatest atmosphere's of all time! Its like you're being locked in a moldy, dark, humid (but cold) basement for weeks, covered in your own blood, feces and urine...and the ground is covered in the blood, feces and urine of others - you can smell the stench, in fact you can't breath without it slightly burning your nose hairs and later throat, then you feel its weight inside your lungs. the weight of death and horror, it weighs you down emotionally-spiritually...physically! you sink lower and lower until your face is resting upon the heinous muck, you begin to appreciate and subsequently adore your morose and putrid surroundings, arms chained behind you, face down, ass up in the filth, you stick out your tongue and taste the depravity! you lap it up...your smile: sardonically aroused. 10/10 !!!!

COMECON - Fable frolic
Hahah i listen to this all the time! i have no clue what the lyrics are about - but i love the songs, acoustic breaks and all! i think over all its a stronger offering than the one with Van Drunen. some read that and cry foul but - thats how i feel. 8.5/10

Its ok, yknow - not terrible, not awesome - just "not bad". the production is slow baked anus then put in a tupperware container to cool, then reheated to consume--but not microwaved long enough and there is ALOT of filler - but i just cut the filler out and put all of the DeathMetal tracks on a CDR haha... but even so it falls short, maybe i outta remaster it too - but its hard to care enough about this one to do that. 5.75/10

CARCASS - Swansong
I NEVER listen to this, but i would never sell or trade it ever. the best songs from the session were released on Wake Up etc. and those are damned good. its ok, not a shit pile like some think! but here i am defending an album i haven't played in probably 7 or 8 years. 6/10

GRAVE - Hating life
If Ola had better vocals on this (stronger/heavier...like how he sounded later), we would have a far stronger release, also some obvious filler on a rather brief album. But the strong songs are quite well done, and if you had never heard a Grave album before it would be an enjoyable ride! 6.75/10

DEATH - Symbolic
Very good, strong and dymanic production, better solos than the previous one (well...Chuck's solos were better), more interesting songs than Human and HEAPS more cohesive than his last work under the name Death. there are people that don't like this? (i know Rob Matlick doesn't this, so YES Rob i AM acknowledging you!) 8/10...maybe 9 if i am feeling generous.

Oh man, lots to type here; Ok so i can understand how this album is theoretically good but its loaded with problems. For starters Patrick should have released it under a different name - i don't care what name but i feel Pestilence as a name brand did what it needed to do its its original trilogy. After that i feel creatively there was no need to take the name anywhere else. I know he saw the name as his job title and i know he was pretty much blinded by financial game but he was in a position at that point to do such a drastic measure.
The production on this is just too thin and doesn't give the "spacey" vibe its full deserving soundscape. To me this should have been the demo material sent to the label as if to say "this is the direction we are going now, under this new name and would like a budget of $xxxxx.xx to complete the recording and mixing" - that would have saved a wealth of problems that arose. People shit all over this "back then" and i know while one reason was because it was so different - i think the MAIN culprit is it was executed "not all that well" it sounds flat, it feels awkward, the transitions are often too abrupt and it just feels incomplete and at worse totally hackneyed.
However, and this is where some of my fellow "old schoolers" will probably really cringe - the best song is the wimpiest, "Personal Energy" is the most confidently composed track and didn't feel forced or awkward, it feels very natural and the completely testicle-less general aura of the song works for the performers and for the intentions of this new direction. I think if they (he) had changed his name HERE, used the "album" as the demo and forced the label to help put some finances into this - he would have never stopped, he would have never bitched out and cried about Sepultura's popularity or scoffed at DeathMetal dudes not appreciating musicality. but history is what history is and he changed the name at a point where the care has all but shriveled and died. ...shoulda struck while the iron was hot
Concept: 8/10
Execution: 4/10

MASSACRA - Humanize human
This is one where i definitely agree with the ones who do not like it - at this point they completely castrated themselves and should have changed the band name. too many bands around this time frame thought they had to evolve or... in most cases completely DROP the DeathMetal from their veins and spines - AWFUL mistake. either be DeathMetal or do not be at all! 2/10

NAPALM DEATH - Diatribes
The music on this is ok at times, i can see detect some good concept and ideas - but the execution was a failure. never before was Napalm Death a lean and clean soundscape - why did they think that doing this (over and over) was a wise investment? the music was no longer as harsh, so to compensate it would be smart to at least *sound* heavy. Nah... just far to sterile at this point. but i DEEPLY appreciate that they realized the mistake and turned themselves around - and have successfully maintained a harsher more extreme sound for MANY years and albums later. 4/10

17. If I told you there was a bear in your beer, would you keep on drinking? How would you replace the bear in your beer, to avoid being devoured from the inside? Should you keep the beer super cold, so that the bear falls asleep, or on the contrary the super warm beer might have interesting effects?

I prefer soda. i would finish that soda with anything "extra" in the can as long as it was in a can cuz... "outta sight, outta mind!"


18. Do you still read paper zines, or unfortunately the web has won in your world? Perhaps you read only old paper zines from the 90's and spend loooaaads of cash on ebay to lay your hands on a few items of embalming love?

Yah the web won because when people say they are gonna do a paper zine these days - they DON'T or there is only 25 or 50 copies and they gave 12 away to friends and then since i am asleep at the wheel 80% of the time i send them a message saying i want a copy and then they tell me "oh sorry, i ran out like a month ago"
plus i am also at this point right now, deciding i want to go back to interviewing people again so ... "if you can't buy em - JOIN EM!"
.... wait thats WAY off.


19. You currently live in Kentucky. Is there something interesting on a metal point of view? Good bands? Cool gig organizers? Maybe some survivors of the past such as underground music shops? Is this easy to find a cool metal gig in your state? How long do you have to drive to see gigs?

Well now i live in Los Angeles again. but the answer to the KY question is "Ash Thomas and Abominant" Abominant is in central(ish) KY and are currently signed to Deathgasm Records and are simply 4 old diehards making semi-old style diehard PURE DeathMetal that is 100% based on potent song writing and power. their live shows are strong and passionate and sincere and if there is one band in KY everyone in the world needs to embrace - its them!
South Western OH (close to where i lived in Kentucky) has ASH THOMAS!!!!! the man responsible for Thorns of the Carrion, Estuary of Calamity, Estuary, FaithXtractoR, Machinations of Fate (sorta haha) - the man is THE MAN and is the most dedicated person in that whole gawd forsaken dried up area. FaithXtractoR is a full live line up now and it playing shows constantly as of this answer - please check out that band! they RULE! Ash is the nicest, most generous and downright coolest dudes in the entire underground and i miss him! He was my road trip buddy to places like Cleveland where people from my home area have to go to see a good show ...
Cleveland OH, Chicago IL, Pittsburgh PA all HOURS away - but if you love the music.... also would go to shows in Tennessee, Central KY and a few times even to central Indiana or Illinois - kind of a hassle haha.
These days here in Los Angeles, everything is a stone throw away! lemme put it this way - in KY i would never have the option of WALKING to a Solstice gig which is not an impossibility 3 weeks from me typing this hahaha! (except for the fact that i am just now sending you this, 3 weeks AFTER the gig happened)


20. This is the free question: Tell us something we wouldn't expect to read

I really REALLY like The Spice Girls and saw them live - was AWESOME.
also - disco is freakin'GREAT! and i like Arch Enemy, they are a good band.


21. Well, during interview I usually conclude with "Tell us more about your forthcoming projects", but I'm not sure if this is totally accurate with you... So I might wish you to bang your skull again and again to your burning Death metal collection. Conclude the way you wish to, insert the body parts, and push the GRIND button! 667!

Actually i DO have some upcoming stuff - i decided to get back into interviewing bands and will be giving those interviews over to Kunal Choksi who used to do Diabolical Conquest zine!
Transcending Obscurity is the name of the place and i recommend everyone to check it out!
I will also be writing something special for a very special occasion for the people who are the most special to me. Special i tell you! Thanks for all of the fun questions!!!