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1. Hello. What's new with Prion and what kind of (Musically) brutal things happened in Argentina recently?

Hi readers! Well, now we´re recording a new album. We stopped playing live in these days to be fully dedicated to the record. It is very difficult to make both things at time (Play live and record). Recently we had the possibility to see some good international bands (Brutal and non-brutal) like Dying Fetus, Testament, Anthrax, Carcass, My Dying Bride, Down, Symphony X, Iron Maiden, but there´s nothing really relevant into the extreme local scene in these days.
The last weeks the band took a kind of "holidays", so we could make personal projects. The drummer recorded an album with his parallel band "Destroy the Humans", the bassist worked with his own label "Witness Hell Productions", and I was tuning up and working with my recording studio called "Recrear".


2. The readers who aren't familiar with Prion, what should they know about the band before their reading keeps on going? A long biography isn't necessary, but a few good and strong ideas could be interesting...

Our band and music is the result of an effort to make the best possible quality extreme death metal. We started 15 years ago playing "noise", and we are still making "noise" but more mesured. Now, the band is recording the 3rd studio album into my recording studio. We played two gigs in Europe the last years (2011 and 2012), we also played in countries like Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Holland, Spain, Macedonia, and Hungary. We also did gigs in Argentina with bands like Morbid Angel, Behemoth, Deicide, Obituary, Agathocles. For the last album called "Impressions", the American label "Comatose" released our music, and we are very proud of that.


3. Tell us more about the reasons of choosing the Prion moniker. What is especially interesting in the "concept" or behavior of this disease causing element for it shall represent a Death metal/ brutal death band?

The band was baptized with that name in an epoch when we listened to a lot of Carcass, a band that used the medical terminology a lot. You can find the explanation about the word Prion in many interviews we did the last 15 years, but there's a similitude with all the attacks to our mind we have to suffer these days from this hard world (Wars, hunger, sickness, etc).


4. To describe your music, I would be tempted to say it could be a more brutal death version of Incantation, or a more darkened version of Deeds of Flesh, with touches of Morbid angel here and there... What do you think of these ideas, and if you read something more adequate feel free to quote the better inspired man's sentence.

I love Incantation, especially the vocals, it is an excellent band as well as Deeds of Flesh. But we think that Prion is closer to bands like Morbid Angel / Hate Eternal or Behemoth, with some touches of Carcass too. The musical influences for the ears of any member of any band is inevitable. But we think the merit of any band is to create the best music possible and try to have an own sound, an own music and own live performance. It is not easy, but it's the only way to rise, and not be "one more band" in the world.


5. Devastating explosion, or severely controlled/ leaded hatred, which of the two fits Prion the best?

I think that the second does, but it is a mix. Because it is our nature, we can't force the way of how we feel and write music, yet we are a little more cerebral and not too explosive. But... I think that the result our songs is really bombastic, and can destroy everything in few seconds. There is a moment to explode, and there are moments to create and accommodate pieces in the puzzle. For the second, the brain must work well to make a good job.


6. Your guitars don't sound over-produced neither injected with implants of plastic, in a simple word it sounds quite natural... Could we say you practice metallic "nudism"? To be a little more serious, your music achieves to be brutal and contains an atmosphere, which is something cool... Do you feel sometimes a bit out-of-place in the current brutal death/ tech death world, or is it just you can't afford the protoolsified cosmetic surgery and feast of facial botox fiesta that can change the production so much? (Too much?)

Ok, yes. In the "Impressions" album we recorded the guitars with a "Line6 XT" Amp Emulator, and I think that wasn't a great idea compared to the sound of any Tube Amp and/or a microphone in front of a guitar speaker. Now, we are recording the guitars with a 100% valve preamp, a 100%valve amp, a 4x12 real guitar speaker, and 2 real microphones in front of the speakers. The result is 100% better. Concerning our style, and the fact we are out-of-place, thanks for that perception about us! We hope in the future peoples will remember Prion as a band with creative musicians who make something different from the extreme scene. Equally about our inspiration, I think this is really natural and the music flows through our veins when we play, there´re no preconceptions.


7. You quite recently were a part of a split CD with Antropofagus, Putridity, Infected Flesh and Mass Infection. Tell us more about the content of this release, how it happened, who released it...

That split was released by our label, Comatose Music (USA). We were a part of it with these other great bands, who are also from the same label. The 2 Prion tracks from this split are new and will be a part of our next album.  


8. The cover artwork of this split CD is quite cool in my rotting opinion. it shows a torso that was unfettered from the arms and legs, then the cut-head found a warm place in the ventral cavity of the bowels. Who painted the artwork? Who got the idea behind it, and what does it stand for? Could it symbolize something like an introspection in the inner flesh, or perhaps a gruesome voyage in the bowels?

I think that the mystery of art is each person can have a different point of view on the same work. I really don´t know the idea of the author behind this piece, but for me the artwork seems to be a man that was punished, tortured, and then killed... Finally, something morbidly, someone put his head to be swallowed in his stomach. This is so explicit and beautiful! The guy who painted the cover is Andrey Kroms, a friend of Steve Green (The owner of Comatose Music).


9. South America is known for its quite seriously old school metal scene, with many peoples embracing the older metal genres or even ways of life. But your music is more modern and extreme (Even if it keeps something old school, or better said natural in some atmospheres and possibly the production). So one could wonder how the scene from your country welcomes the sounds of Prion. Also could you also tell us more about your country's metal scene in general: Are there cool bands, labels...?

Yes, power metal and heavy metal marked the course of the metal styles in our country during the last 25 years, with Argentinian bands like V8, Hermetica, Almafuerte, Horcas, Rata Blanca, and many others. We can say these kinds of bands were/ are massive here. The extreme scene was/ is poor, there are only few local bands. But when an important extreme international band comes to Argentina, the extreme style becomes massive during that night and during that show. Why? I don´t know. Sometimes I think that peoples are guided by fame of the bands, and pay at any cost to see that famous band... Now we are fighting to be famous, and win a place into the "hall of fame", haha!!
Concerning the quality of Argentinian bands, I think there are great ones, but everything is too much "uphill" because there´s not too much support in general. And sometimes a good band can die trying to do something good, because peoples aren't open-minded enough to listen to this kind of music.


10. If death metal or brutal death were a body part, which would it be, and which animal would it belong to? (To make your answer easier, you could choose from some extinct animals that reigned centuries ago...)

Heart, mind and fist. Heart because the inspiration starts there... But we need the mind to sort these feelings and record the albums... And finally the fist, to show this energy on stage.
Concerning the animal, I think we are some ants working hard, day-by-day, but sometimes we can become a dino kicking humans around their feets.


11. If you had the possibility to attend a gig with Brodequin and Fleshtized, or another one with Spawn of possession and Origin. Which would you choose, and why? (The styles aren't so different, but some flavors differ a bit during the listening...)

Personally, I like bands such as Origin and Spawn of Possession too much, they are so professional groups! But now with Prion, we are tending to compose a bit more direct kind of music, like Brodequin and Fleshtized, not tooo technical like the first two bands. If the gig would begin tomorrow, I would ask the manager how much beers there are for us, then for the 1st bands  and then for the 2nd bands! Haha!! (Wake up, we are only dreaming…)


12. Which albums or demos were the most intensively played in your Hi-fi the last year? Which were the biggest ball-kickers and cadaveric revertors for 2012 in your opinion?

I think that "At the Gate of Sethu" (NILE) was the best album in 2012. Now I´m listening and listening to "Pinnacle of Bedlam" (The last SUFFOCATION album), it is great!


13. Tell us more about your forthcoming projects, and feel free to inject an idea, or a couple of infected body parts, for the readers shall be totally informed (And possibly musically infected).

Now we are recording our next full-length studio album. We finished the pre-production these days, and we believe this new record will kick some asses. And we´re also planning a tour in U.S.A. in 2014. Stay in contact with us! Cheers!!

Website: http://www.priondeath.com.ar