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1. Hello. What's new in Finland?

Not much, winter is coming!


2. In 2004 you released a first demo "Resurgence of Morbidity" that had let us imagine good things for the future. You even signed a deal with Razorback recs for a first album, so the future seemed to be bright... But it occurred to be brown. Nothing happened anymore, and the band seemed to be hibernating in a formaldehyde jar, between two crates of bowels. What happened at the time? Why nothing else was released?

The first demo sounds cool because the material was put together and recorded very fast spontaneously as just another project, just possessed by the idea of it! Many people liked it and we got several offers for different releases and we made the mistake to try sound like something people were expecting. Another recording was made in 2005 but I hated how it sounded like so it was never released. Not making an album back then was the best decision ever.


3. This was quite a surprise to me, you recently released a new demo entitled "Unburied Abominations"! Your new songs are sicker than before! Your music is now much more intense and musically liquefying the hardened mental pus to let the joys of sickness escape the speakers... Would you say you improved as musicians or as sickness incubators? Is the improvement rather about your abilities to compose and decompose songs in a better manner, or the fact you have personally experienced more sickened affairs in everyday's life?

Hahah, I surely like your description of it! We are not any "real" musicians so it must be the second option – just simply being more obsessed and sick in the head necromancers today. Personally I can say Im pretty much on a same caveman level as a musician as I was, say 20 years ago.

4. How long did it take to compose these new songs? I think it didn't really take 9 years, right?

No, couple of songs are are from around 2007 when I tried to continue the band after splitting up, as 2-piece with our old drummer. The other half of the new demo is new material that was flowing in fast while being excited about the new start. Plenty of new material just waiting to be recorded for another release in near future!


5. Interesting to hear your music is equally influenced by old grindcore/ grindgore and old death metal, this isn't common anymore in the current Death metal world where bridges are more often built with thrash metal or black metal... (And the current grind seems to care only about punk). Would you say death metal needs a dose of grind and gore to be really kicking? Do you like thrash metal, or like me, find it a bit like a "not heavy enough" and "not brutal enough" proto-version of death metal?

What we play is what comes naturally to us as its bands like Repulsion, old Carcass, old Xysma and the likes that got us into this stuff in the first place over few decades ago. And to me those were just another death metal bands back then so they are in the same field of influence as any other morbid death or black metal from back then. I dont give a fuck about any grind scene of nowadays nor do I want to have anything to do with it as its only about fun or like you say, just another punk genre! The only still (lately) existing band in grind genre that I could relate to was Machetazo but sadly I just heard they split up.
I love tons of thrash bands as long as its dirty evil stuff like Sodom and Destruction etc etc and the recordings being from 80's. Nowadays thrash scene is as much of a joke as is the grind scene. From Finland only PYÖVELI is real!


6. Why isn't there a cover of CARCASS, GENERAL SURGERY, GRAVE or PURTENANCE on this new demo? Do you play covers live?

Is this a serious question??? We have played lots of covers at our gigs, from bands like Massacre, Blood, Autopsy, Terrorizer, Korrozia Metalla, Mortician and others I cant remember now. We'll play covers live depending on the mood in the future too but I think if we would ever record one, it should be something more original choice of band like the ones you asked for, haha


7. What did you do musically in the gap between the two demos? Did you play in other band, recorded albums, or preferred to remain silent and incubate in pure sickness until the cadaveric pulp was totally mature?

From the remaining original line-up I dont think Humiliator played in other bands during our break. Myself I have been busy these years in some different bands like for example Slugathor and Torsofuck to name some.


8. Who came up with the name CADAVERIC INCUBATOR? This is quite rottingly cool! :)

I think Humiliator and myself came up with the name some drunken night after recording the fist demo. We listened to it and thought how it sounds like and this is the result. A Carcass rip-off obviously but who cares?!


9. If CADAVERIC INCUBATOR was a body part, which would it be? (You can also choose from which animal/ insect/ living entity)

A festering leper's cock force-fed in some modern day grind-nerds vegan mouth maybe?


10. The last Carcass album, was it any good for you? I think peoples interested in the older sounds of "Gore metal" might better try DEATHTOPIA from Japan (They're a bit closer to old Exhumed/ Impaled). Do you know this band?

I havent heard it and I dont have any plans hearing it either. Best Carcass album will always be the ultimate debut and this is my preference eternally! Ive never heard this japanese band either, sorry! In Japan lots of deranged weirdos so sure, might be good. But sorry I dont really follow this scene at all. If anyone can recommend me some nowadays "Horrified", "Reek of Putrefaction", "Impulse to Destroy" or something coming even close, Im happy for any suggestions!!

11. According to Metal-archives, there are currently two musicians in the band. Would you say Cadaveric Incubator is currently a "real band", something like a "studio project", or it doesn't matter at all?

I would call it real band in terms of the purpose of the band which is jamming for our own pleasure the kind of sick crap we enjoy by heart, not aiming to please anybody. There's no any future plans or dreams or whatever with this, only natural need to play death metal and thats all. We recently started again playing live too so definetely no studio-project.
About the line-up the metal archives info is not valid at all. Cadaveric Incubator from the rebirth in 2013 to date is:
Necroterror: bass/vocals
Humiliator: guitars/vocals
Pentele: drums/vocals


12. Considering you had signed a contract with Razorback recs approx. 8 years ago, do you think this contract is still valid? Are you working on a first album, or will you prefer to keep the bowels "Low profile" with demos, Eps and short-duration cadaveric ejaculations?

Billy from Razorback is a good friend since ages ago and we are still keeping in touch. They have expressed their wish to release the Cadaveric album if we ever make one but its just one option among others and we will think about that only then when or if we record an album. At the moment chances is 50/50 about if the next recording will be another demo or an album. In either case the recordings will take place early 2015.


13. What are your future plans? Something to add?

As said, a new recording in whatever form in few months. Also the first 2 demos will be re-released shortly together with bonus on a pro-tape format. Thanks G for the interview! Only thing currently available straight from us is the "Coffin Defiler" shirts so whoever wants one, get in touch.


  Web page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Cadaveric-Incubator