It's quite some time since I didn't write a review of TZICU... Is this ancient Aztec language? No, it's just "The zines I can't understand"!
What I have in the morbid hands is looking like a weekly newspaper, printed on the same kind of paper, expect the content is focused on underground metal... So I'm not sure if your old, strictly polish speaking, grandma will agree to read the content... But since we are not grandmothers, we can keep on exploring the content of these A3 pages: The content looks quite sober, serious, done in a text editing software, with few nasty or metal pictures and small illustrations from here and there. You can see some articles, news and interviews (Including some quite long ones). I didn't see reviews inside, but maybe it's hidden somewhere.
There seems to be some sense of humor here and there, even if I'm not able to read the content (Sorry but I found no polish emulator for windows 3.11 coffin embedded) the state of mind seems to be quite close to R'LYEH zine... It shouldn't be too surprising since the two publications share the same editor.
This is made of 24 pages and seems to be distributed for free (Unless "bezplatny" means something else like "Up the legs"?). Witch on witch, we practice the kunt kult!
Interviews: Destruktor,  The blood, The true endless, Sturmgewehr 666, Spearhead, Darkeion/ Private death, Embrional, Henryk Smietana, The horned goddess...
c/o Adrian, Po Box 20, 02919 WARSZAWA 76, POLAND.