The madness of Polish zines continues:
I don't know what happens in their country but they seem very much into printing everything composed with words. This time I won't be able to read the content, but also will have problems to understand (And even read) the name from this zine that was drawn in necro scriptures... WSZUSZKH─KSZ─ KSZA!!! KSZ─!!! These eastern tongues sometimes sound like castrated madness.
The zine is A5 sized and contains the deep underground matters you might know if you didn't cross my pages by hazard searching for "French homosexuals" or something like that on Google, and the nice layout is kinda cut'n paste with pictures of horror and necro atrocities.
The content is kinda located in the deep underground, I know some of those bands and they released demos bound to remain under the soils... But to be honest, when I see an interview of LACTO VAGINAL, I'm not sure if I'd even want to understand polish, coz their music sucks Ah Ah. Hopefully there are other victims like DEAD HUMAN BODIES, HORROR or DEFORMED CONSCIENCE that might be more listenable, plus some reviews or articles (Bios, or some polish translations of old NAPALM DEATH lyrics (Possibly from 'Utopia banished", but since I often mix this album's title with "Harmony corruption", a yelling cat of mistake might hide somewhere between these words...) You might have understood this zine deals with death grind, brutal death, crust and stuffs like that.
One of the two editors also runs an "intimate" underground CDr label and released various lo-fi underground shits... He's into underground support, trades and stuffs like that... So, you might need to get in touch, if you're not too addicted to the couch... 

c/o Daniel/ Qba/ Kida, Os.Kustronia 2/3, 37611 CIESZANOW, POLAND.