If a joke is a good one, why should it be the shorter? Why couldn't we say it again and again? Why shouldn't we use it in aeternum, as in an infinite circle of internal laugh?
So... Here you have another review of the-zines-I-can't-understand! (# Insert robotic claps and artificial laugh here #)
This one is all written in Hungarian, and even though the first approach could let you imagine it's all based on black metal (All is very black looking, small white texts on a lot of black backgrounds), I could say the content is rather something like: "Extreme metal, with a quite bigger flavor for black metal".
Inside you could read 4 interviews with THY FUNERAL, MEDICAL CONCEPTS, AFFLICTIS LENTAE and DROWNING THE LIGHT that generally contain about 18 questions and the same amount of answers (That doesn't seem too short). There are also 4 reviews, one for each of the interviewed bands.
This 28x A5 pages long zine was released by the same guy who does FEKETE TERROR zine, so it might be only a one (cum)shot thing... That's more or less all I could say since I didn't understand much...  But I could learn from a flyer on the back page, that an Hungarian Entombed tribute band is called WOLVERINE BLUES BROTHERS! Ah, so do they use saxophones?

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