...I'm so open minded and experienced... You know... I read many zines from many countries... But I didn't understand most of it... Ah Ah Ah...
As you probably noticed, the list of reviews of foreign-zines-I-can't-understand- and-keep-on-piling-in-delighting- disgust is growing.
This time we explore something coming from the hairy hellish hole of Italia.
The content of VIZIO EXTREMO FUCKZINE isn't as extreme as the moniker could let you imagine, the content would rather speak for "something like a black metal zine who doesn't dislike melodies and other kinds of extreme metal at all", so there might not be your usual black-mass-goat-recipe and other "How to religiously fukk your skull in 20 lessons" articles, but interviews and reviews. The interviews are sometimes of a normal length, but most often short (He might have kept only the most worthy questions, I have no clue). The reviews are of a normal size and quite numerous.
This fanzine is quite big as it contains 126 A4 pages. There's a bit too much of blank spaces from here and there, but the font sizes are small so it might counterbalance. The computer layout could be improved, it's too rushed, a little of fantasy or graphic delirium never killed a metaller.
Being unable to really read the bowels of this issue, I don't really have an opinion; But I have a little morbid feeling it can be improved on a matter of content (The G-point on a fanzining point of view).
The editor seems to honor trades and stuffs like that... So if you don't dislike receiving a ton of emails in 3 minutes, he might become a contact of yours...

Interviews: Infernal goat, Bestial carnage, Dead twilight, Cannibe, Crossodomizer, Deadly carnage, Delyria, Bestial vomit, Cast thy eyes, Dissected, forgotten tomb, From depths, Viscera, Smashhead,  Juglans regia, Golthoth, Hexenfaust, Hieros gamos, Hobnailed, Mourning soul, Necrosis, Nurmen, Vaginal tormentor, The bloodline propaganda, Tsubo, Tumulus anmatus, Ultimo mondo cannibale, Vultur, Zora, Disforia, Egomass, Southern drinkstruction, Abuser, Exultet, Umba noctis, Worstenemy, Damned creation, Bestial devastation, Scheimm, Mass obliteration, Ancient skin...

c/o Alan Carboni, Via Crispi 21, Serramanna (ca) cap 09038, ITALY.