Obsessed by tomb reactivity.
Putrid fixation on the juice of the corpse.
Distill the gore and extract gruesome perfumes.

What I have in the hands is a new fanzine from Brazil talking about Death metal and black metal, in an old school manner.
The interviews seem to be correctly long, but I don't understand more than a couple of words from Portuguese, so I won't be able to extract the cadaveric cranial content from these 34xA4 pages. It also contains some reviews, some flyers and few other metallic stuffs.
The layout was cut and paste with fingers and scissors, from pictures and computer printed texts; Some pages look quite cool (And the reviews were all pasted in inverted crosses, if that moistens your livid underpants), while some would need a bit more of "sepulcher jewelry" or smaller-sized texts (Compress your death!).
I promise to stop reviewing fanzines written in unknown foreign languages... The day I turn blind!
This doesn't seem to be a bad first issue, I imagine that with some layout improvements (And a bit more content?) TUMULO MALDITO could become a cool coffin-teaser for old school underground maniacs.

Interviews: Sodomizer, Verdugo, Tormento bestial, No fashion zine/ Cursed productions.    

c/o José Antonio, Rua: Mauricio teles,686, AV. Juracy Magalhães, Alagoinhas-BA, 48040-300, BRAZIL.
Email: satanic666war(a)