If you don't read paper zines, you're either a gay! or a millionar fag owning a high tech  palm/ wireless phone to visit the W.C in total serenity! (Total metal isn't it?). Yes! face the real deal and wake up from this hypnotizing computer screen of shit that do not even look dark, underground or sexually attractive! Don't you feel like a businessman in font of it? Unholy and hardly readable scriptures being hand written on old vomitted pages of rotten avulsion are ways sicker!
What we have here is the second issue of a cool looking zine. These Norwegian forest worshippers actually don't have that much content in that issue, but the whole looks cool with long enough (english written) interviews  of KADAVERFICKER, FONDLECORPSE, AGATHOCLES, COCKROACH, DECOMPOSING SERENITY (What a crap "band"!), INTUMESCENCE, a German Grindcore/ Death scene report... Can't tell much about the reviews until now since I've rather been watching the background attractive nude bitches! Héhé. Anyway it looks full of Brutal death, grind and boring noisecore. The snail mail contacts lacks though. If the zine editors release other issues with more content, it can turn in something interesting for those who like it Brutal and Grinding in a rather new school vein! Nice one.

c/o Renier Trenkill, Trompstr. 18, 2992 BR Barendrecht, THE NETHERLANDS.