Hooray children of portable phone, hooray!
This is one more review of "The zines I can't understand"... I'm sure some of you, slutty readers, turn out to be bored with this kind of stuffs, but I'm busy installing Windows 95 and Windows 3.1 on old computers, so what's else could I do instead of watching the famous "Please wait" messages? Hmmm? Inserting my trunk in the pages of all these zines “I can't understand”, and hopefully for my multilingual flair-appendix, TOTAL DEATH also contains pictures such as logos, band photos, zines or CDs covers... And also pictures of pornstars that appear every two/ three pages... Since it's almost the only thing I naturally understand in there, find enclosed the list of porno sluts (In order of appearance): Jenna Jameson, Veronika Zemanova, Crissy Moran, Briana banks, Rita Faltoyano and Adam Stasiak... Hmm, not sure about the last one (But maybe he did necrophile movies in the past... After all: Necrophile + camescope = Necroscope). As you see, I have recognized most of these girls, so it's not so underground... But isn't that enough of anal crumbling? Let's go back to the content, instead of the cuntent: The zine is composed of quite long interviews with Warfist, Wishmaster, Hypnagonia, Necroscope zine, Unburied, and quite a lot of reviews... All is into the deep underground w(h)orld. This is 24 pages of an A4 size, quite strongly compressed, that might please those who are in the dnuorgrednu (No, this is not a german/ hungarian milf shake, reverse your eyes) and speak pole-ish.
For the next issue, even if he doesn't translate the words into English, would be nice to have something in Braille... Especially the porn pictures héhé
The voice of formaldehyde has spoken; Now it's your turn to insert your eyes, and play it again Sam...

Krzysztof Berestecki, Po box 70, 38400 KROSNO 1, POLAND.