Tired with reading reviews of necro-polish zines? Well, your boredom isn't over... More paper polish madness written in undrinkable polish tongue is here! Sodom is here!
As always, I don't understand the writing but I can tell you this quite small A4 paper zine focuses on underground matters such as Death, thrash and black.
While the computer was used to layout the pages, there's not a lot of pictures (Just enough to keep it alive... And dead) but a lot of the texts are in small letters... And you could read quite long (or "simply" long) interviews with SHACKLES, NEMEZIS, MORD'A' STIGMATA, CODA, INTERIOR OF DEATH, EMBRIONAL, plus about 50 reviews... Finally this fanzine isn't so mall, there are only 20 pages but quite a lot of content. Supporters of the necro polish (Necropolis?) madness might get in the ring, it seems to be cool underground state of mind and the editor writes back to real letters... I only hope polish language was more polished...

c/o Krzysztof Berestecki, PO Box 70, 38400 KROSNO 1, POLAND.