I sometimes try to put my nose in the Polish language, but I have to face quite strange things... For example, they do not use only 3 genres (Masculine, female and neutral) but 5: Personal masculine, active masculine, personal female, active female and neutral... Huh! It seems I would have to enhance the schizoidism from my brain to get where they're coming from... So instead of trying to fuck even more what's already fucked enough, I will simply describe the way TOTAL DEATH looks... (Real reviews of foreign zines who speak in their own tongue won't be for 2007...).
What I see is an underground focused paper zine, that mostly deals with death and black metal. The 18 pages are packed with quite a lot of things, including the usual interviews (Sardonicus, Empheris, Misteria, Gallileous), reviews and live reports. I can't talk about the meaning of all this, but the interviews are quite long and the bands seem talkative, so it might not be the usual robotic questions. The lay out is clear but quite varied enough.
Notice there isn't any email inside, only snail mails... ONLY SNAIL MAIL IS REAL!! (At least you might remember a whelk mail much better).
I sent TOTAL DEATH a CDr promo quite recently, and he got back with a copy of his zine plus a CDr compilation, so he seems to be a cool and motivated underground supporter. To get in touch, send a snail mail with many flyers here:
Krzysztof Berestecki, PO Box 70, 38400 KROSNO 1, POLAND.