Since I vonluntary avoided all these webzines looking like lego-land and flower-shops who mass-review with honey the most convulsive defecations of the "underground" metal labels who spend their days working to sell their stuffs, things are cleaner and brighter! The underground doesn't seem so shitty anymore since I don't have to face their midly hidden greed and will to feed your skull with overabusive promotional purposes! Fanzines definitely seems to be a safe healer, even when it's not the best or most killer.
This 4 th issue of T.O.T tastes like a cool paper zine that might please those who quite open-minded concerning their metallic and less metallic (understand Grind and the likes) tastes. This fanzine doesn't procure the same feeling of obscurity and undergroundness many fanzines did (and still do for some) few years ago, no the guys in Throne Of Torment rather seems positively enthusiastic and in a urge to let you read about some stuffs they enjoyed in a cool manner. This tastes like a cool reading, and the questions in the interviews seems like flowing in a speech. It's rather like somekind of webzine-style of review, with less crass and crap in the mind, if you see what I mean! héhé ;-) All in all I think the reviews are quite too positive, because the guys seem to find (present or upcoming) talent even in the most common or average bands, but as always:  it's a matter of tastes. So I'd rather take the reviews as informative ones concerning unknown stuffs, while the cool and long enough interviews with THUNDERBOLT, PSYCROPTIC, OXIZED RAZOR, CORPORAL RAID, HARMONY DIES, TENEBROSUS, BLACK FLAME, LENG TCH'E, LUNAR AURORA, GRUESOME STUFF RELISH, KULT OV AZAZEL, DYSPRAXYA, CORAM LETHE...would be the highlights of this cool paper zine! It might please those who like both death metal, black metal, grindcore in quite underground styles! They also run a small underground label/ distro called EYES OF THE DEAD. Get in touch for honest business! ^_^

c/o Samuele Lami, Via Roffia, 20/A - Loc. Isola, 56020 LA SCALA, ITALY.