Even not awaken from the rust of spikes, you were caught in bed with Satan! AAAARRGGHH!! 666 titless nuns will tickle your toes with corrosive jam! You will be quartered by a thousand hungry mules running for the delicious evil carrots! 666 sexy pink maggots will escape your sarcastic carcass from the pores...But until all these nice things sexxxually occur, let's read this review.
THRASH ATTACK is a new paper zine focused on old styled thrash metal (In other words: Gothenburp fucking forbidden!! It fucking sucks!!) coming from Beermany! So you most probably guess the fanzine looks old styled, and kind of cut and paste. But, let's put a deeper eye into the bowels of this 40 A5 pages long fanzine: The interviews are just long enough, the reviews would rather display the state of mind of a fan, so do not expect killing criticism: Flo seems to review mostly releases he enjoys.
The main problem is the layout: A good part of the texts were printed in too big letters, while it would have been pussyble to include much more words (In the appealing cavity) with a smaller text size.
Even if the zine looks cut'n paste, it doesn't look really obscure and remains kind of clean... It would kind of really look like many zines from the 80's. (Yes, many paper zines from this epoch weren't sooo obscure looking... Maybe some current old school or retro zine editors are too fucked up with the zine situation, so they tend to strongly drown in darkness! Hu). You can find interviews with: GAMA BOMB, SAURON, TANKARD and NOCTURNAL.
In the next issue, I hope Flo will compress the lay-out, and think about quite deeper questions for interviews, to make the zine more than average.
Many many zines improved quite a lot with their second issue, so I guess it will also be the case with Thrash attack. Hate and see!

c/o Florian Grill, Ganghoferstrasse 10 G, 83043 BAD AIBLING, GERMANY.