This fanzine is focuzed for most on Brutal death and grindcore, with few openings to old school Death metal.
Some interesting selling points follow:
- The fanzine is sold for a cheap price.
- It features some quite famous, or upcoming bands of the brutal scene.
- The layout is clear, and quite nice looking (Even if more ideas and surprises would be nice).
The main problem is the english level! Sometimes it's not that easy to understand it, and some words are coming in a strange order... It's not really a problem in the long enough interviews, since most of the words are escaping the mouthes (or better said the tiny fingers?) of the bands, but in the reviews...
To conclude this view, I can say this fanzine might be interesting for big fans of current Brutal death and supporters of brutal music of any kind.
But that might be a better choice for them to write the zine in Spanich for future issues!  They might have fewer readers, but I think the Spanish Brutal scene might be strong enough to decently spread 200-300 copies of this zine... And by the way, this one can't be "The most brutal old school fanzine on the planet" since there are already  many deeply old school fanzines fighting for that héhé

Interviews: Spawn of possession, Vomit remnants, Enmity, Infected malignity, Mortal decay, Emeth, Master, Disavowed, Brutus, Gathering darkness, Paganize, Scent of death, Disconformity, Prophecy, Disgested flesh.

c/o The maniac Postman, Po Box 388, 41500 ALCALA DE GUADAIRA; SEVILLA. SPAIN.