"What the fuck? This fanzine is more than 2 years old, and you review it??" might be the thoughts of some readers. But a little search on Google leads me to a blog where the editor is still active, so it might not be totally spermatozoid-less to talk about Evil Spirit #4.
Even though this fanzine is talking about underground metal, preferably bands from Venezuela, it doesn't look so darkened because the content is colored, done with a computer.
When you browse the pages, you will first see a little article about Venezuelan metal from the past (Equilibrio vital, Castillos de cristal, Kazmok), then you would notice a couple of reviews from old thrashing records (Three albums of HALLOWS EVE, and three ones of D.B.C), then you could read a couple of interviews of BRODEQUIN (I thought they split up a couple of years ago, so they might not be as buried as expected?), SUBCONSCIENTE?, SUBTERFUGIO, MACROFAGO, ABISMO and VAGINAL IMPALEMENT. You can also find an article about the band HAZ (Their album covers look more like old hard rock, or even old rock, than metal) and some news.
I didn't really try to bath into these articles, even if the tongue has Latin roots (Which enables me to get an idea of the content) I got enough of mental violation and vomit centrifuging lately (Thanks for your humble macerating comprehension), but the interviews contain an average of 11 questions and the answers aren't too short (Ouch, I'm talking about quantity without underlining the importance of quality... I'm becoming more bullshitting than intoxicated Mac Donald!).
This fanzine was 22 pages long, I'm not certain if it was printed in color or materialized under an A4 size (Since I found a fucking PDF somewhere), but at least you know it existed.
To have more infos, try to contact the editor through this blog: