Sometimes I wonder what happens in the inner of the initial motives to create a zine. There are so much infos flying everywhere on the web that zine-editors should fight to defend their thing and find different ideas, personality, massive specialized content... But some peoples do not seem to care and release first issues that contain a whole lot of not much at all... For example I got a copy of TERVILLES, a zine focused on the old school (Better said "true" in this case) kinds of black, death and thrash metal. At first sight, it might be nice, since the choice of bands is quite cool: VICTIMIZER, WITCHBURNER, BESTIAL MOCKERY, AMOK, MORTIFERA... But the interviews are short and the questions so simple, that it doesn't turn much interesting... The layout looks like some A5 publications you could find 14 years ago (Especially reminds me some stuffs Lord Puke/ THE WAY OF FORCE did for his tape compilations), but the font they choose pixelizes... It seems the zine was printed on a personal inkjet printer, which will probably make it more expensive and long to get a copy ready... It seems to me this first step won't motivate TERVILLES for various reasons (It will be too expensive to print a copy, the content won't necessarily interest much peoples, they apparently did very few promotions so as always feedbacks will be even fewer...) and so they'll have to improve quite a lot of things if they don't want the zine to spontaneously extinguish and fall into oblivion... Devotion and commitment are the only way! Move your ass for Satan!
I forgot to say my copy (#11) was numbered with human blood.

c/o VERTEY Stéphane, Chemin du for Bonnelle, 52200 LANGRES, FRANCE.