Did you eat your local Korn fakes posers this morning? Off corpse not! This lack of devoured limbs biscuits is the real cause for more nightmarish hellucinationz of the devil!
What I can read in my filthy hands is the first issue of a new brutal death and grindcore paper zine coming from Pork-tugal! In the 28 A5 pages, you can find a quite long MACHETAZO interview, some short inties with NECROCANNIBAL, BRUTUS, NECROCANNIBAL, ACROPHAGIA, as well as few reviews, a bunch of flyers, few biographies, and a distro list (that takes almost 50% of the zine! It looks a bit strange when you begin to cross the styx of this MURDER Recs distro list, but I guess the guy lacked of content and needed something to full-fill the anus of the half packaged bitch). 114 copies (out of 200) were released, it's not too bad for a first issue, and it shows some peoples keep an interest in things that were molested on real paper. TERROR zine can be improved in many ways (Longer interviews, more content...), but it's not a bad initiative! Wish him good luck and good work.
c/o Chainsaw maniac, R. Cooperativa das 7 Bicas, nr 190, 3B, 4460-212 SRA DA HORA. PORTUGAL.