"Fanzinus deity, I worship thee!" might be the last words of a banger in terminal phasis of rusty cancerous metallization.
Anyway, what we have here is not the terminal but first issue of a fanzine from Usa that deals more or less with all kinds of old school metal (Rather the extremes, so no heavy or doomy). The scriptures weren't scribed, but computer typed, and the whole looks more or less cut'n paste depending on the pages: Some have a quite cool cut'n glue horror/ zombie background (That looks a bit cooler than the usual cut'n paste stuffs), some have drawings. The fanzine is not very big (24 x A4 pages), but the content is not bad, you have interviews of THE CHASM (Interesting; Even though they went through Earache, they wouldn't mind releasing their next CD on their own label, and talk about their band philosophy), MORTEM (quite cool interview, even if a bit classical: The past of the band, some 80's stuffs, the scene etc), NECROVATION (Usual "What's new with the band and close subjects" informative intie) and WEAPON (Who has things to explain about his band and religious views, not bad).
I hope the editor will be able to develop the interviews' side, because he tries to ask personalized stuffs to the bands and in the cases of THE CHASM or WEAPON it didn't turn bad at all!
There are also 10 reviews, it's rather the same than when the listener writes what he thinks during listening. I'd like some to be a bit longer, or help the listener to have a better idea of the music... but well it's a first issue!
So this first materialization didn't blow me away, but it contains enough cool stuffs or qualities to let us expect something cooler and quite promising (Is this the right word?) for the second diagnosis. Decrepitus fanzinus aeternus.

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