Breath is a compromise. Heart beat is a compromise. Let death take over your body and let your members rot! Putrefaction is real cadaveric integrity!
This is an underground fanzine basically focused on black metal, and the editor has quite some preference for things from South America... You can find a bit of death metal and thzrash metal among other old school genres, but most is black metal.
The tone is serious, I noticed he often refers to devotion and seems seriously bound to metallic devotion, but hopefully it's not too much as you can read something from a mind that still breathes (Ah Ah).
Interviews are quite informative, sometimes you'd expect more (Ex: BLASPHEMY), sometimes you want less (Ex: Proselytism recs), I'd generally say it works quite not bad in the informative/ serious style, eventhough a bit more craziness would be nice.
Reviews are numerous (There are quite a lot of stuffs) and informative. About 75% aren't particularly long, but would be enough if you want to get an overview of many things in a short time (It's still longer than those from old Tales of the Macabre zine, or even Slayer mag, so I guess it more than ok Ahah)
Lay out is cut'n paste for the inties, but you don't see a lot of background pictures as the texts takes most of the space. The reviews are computer layouted (Did you expect hand writing?) which makes the reviews' pages look clear.
Personally I would prefer the writing to be a bit less serious/ cerebral/ focused and contain more craziness or mental crack up from the heavy depths...
To distinguish T.O.A from other underground black metal zines with an underlined taste for south American old school stuffs wouldn't be so easy, perhaps he's a bit more serious minded, and maybe he would win because of the quantity of reviews and infos he can offer. Anyway, I'm not naturally interested in all the content, so a right conclusion could be: If you're into this kind of old school muzak, you could be interested in Temple of adoration.

Interviews: Force of darkness, Bestial holocaust, Teitanfyre, Chakal, Sextrash, Holocausto, Ravendarks monarchal canticle, The satans scourge, Wisdom, Metzeli, Ancetor, Bestial mockery, Goatpenis, Necromancer recs, Sadomator, Rator, Mütilation, Heptameron, Blasphemy, Paganfire, Chainsaw, Har shatan, Impurity, Lado obscuro, Pseudogod, Fallen souls, Apocalytpic raids, Equinoxio...

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