Some will say they have so much guts, that they have iron balls.
But I must confess, thanks to my right hand I have cum beyond recognition, probably more than your favorite porn actor... I have crossed the triangle of flames and my balls have turned more ethereal than glass. It's all translucent. The spirits of a two decades of dead spermatozoids are gathering inside, in an haunting feast... I can now reveal the truth... I have crystal balls!
Is that vociferating enough or not? Only your favorite death metal porn actors could answer this question... But at least I imagine the previous sentence could be quite sulfuric...
Now you know the truth, it's possible to start the review of a new underground publication, in a totally updated spiritual condition.
Sulfuric Vociferation is a newsletter that looks like an Ep at first sight (You know, the small sized vinyl, not what some actually use to call demos), but it's just a little smaller. The visual aggression looks quite necro, with quite nice drawn margins (Reminding the inside pages of DEGIAL's demo tape, if you want a modern "cult" reference) and a quite well chosen (Even if not that easy to read) font.
This seems to be quite appealing, and the logos makes it quite ugly... The content is focused on old school extreme metal bands from south America (Chile, Peru, Colombia, Paraguay).
But once you begin to read comes a little disappointment... This is not filled with interviews, neither packed with reviews, but simply fed with biographies of bands. Argh, this is not the most passionating thing to read. I have no problem with biographies, but I expect something a bit more personal and filled with manifestations of crystal balls when I lay my eyes on something that was printed on paper.
Now that we're conscious about the content, I could say it might be interesting for metal worshippers who would like to learn their south American lesson, you can get some informations about bands you perhaps didn't know about, and the pro-printing and visual aggression "embellishes" the feeling of the reader... But in the depths, that's only a regular newsletter.
Next time, please send a couple of questions to each band and try to make their souls cum on your pieces of paper.

Biographies: Black hordes scorn, Wrathprayer, Hadez, Ejecutor, Hell's veins, Necranastasis, Insurrexion, Crocell, Caligula, Feretro.

P.o. Box 03, Sucursal Matucana, Santiago, CHILE.
Email: frost(a)