This is a new Australian fanzine that might not please as much all my readers, because it talks about Death metal, hardcore, grind and experimental sounds in more or less equal portions. But wait a putrid minute before running away as a repulsed morbid ass, the content is focused on the underground from the depths and I found no particular trace of commercial music.
What you see first when you open the pages is the lay-out, it's something like cut'n paste (Columns of computer texts on big background pictures) that doesn't look more metal than hardcore than industrial/ noise (Just call it an usual underground layout).
When you will begin to read, you'll be able to get some infos from 4 interviews: First a guy from 3 Australian bands (SUFFER, WARTHREAT, DROWNING HORSE), then MAMMON, then GOD HARVEST and OCEANS OF ZERO... The last one is cool and shows the Australians from Oceans of Zero are relaxed undergrounders who don't stress about being the most "Necro Scandinavian" possible. I was not as interested in the other inties, maybe because I don't know these bands or their styles of music aren't exactly resonating my spiritual G-point, but most inties are long enough and show the interviewer knows enough about these bands to ask decently informative questions.
Then you can also read 18 reviews of records from small bands. Most are in the middle between the informative, the positive, and a little analyzing manner. It's quite well written, but maybe an improvement would reside in underlining more critical aspects (Remember: "Pain and pleasure, undivisible") and enlarging a bit the analysis... But I'm not familiar with most of these bands, so I can't really have a clear brutal idea.
This fanzine is for underground freaks who have quite enlarged tastes in extreme music. For a first issue it's not bad, in the future I wish SLAYS FOR DAYS will grow bigger and unleash a bit more of personality.
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