I already wondered several times what the monicker of this hungarian fanzine could stand for... Is it supposed to picturize something in your smelly underwears that would be shrunken and mummified? Or maybe it could simply criticize the autist mind of the countless mollusk computer-clickers? (You desperately spikeless sea urchin of metallers! Ah Ah!)
Anyway, might the jellyfish be venomous or not, it's better to focus on this new S&M paper releases: What this new Shrunkissue offers is in the same style than the previous issues I could read: A clear layout fanzine with an underground content taking from various extreme music styles. No highlight on big names that could sell better, just underground stuffs. The interviews are quite interesting and well rounded enough to keep me reading. (I kinda noticed that since Shrunky spends more time with his distro, he also finds more interest in questionning labels... That's a cool thing to know about how some bigger labels actually work).
The reviews are in the same kind than previous issues: it's rather describing (even very describing) of a release under every sides... but unfortunately I feel it lacks of personal opinion, and deepness of death (Call it metallic delirias if you wish... Beer is the key!).
It's a nice fanzine in the continuation of previous issues. An informative one, with cool interviews, but unfortunately the reviews lack of criticism... Drink more neer if needed! AHR! Execute them all! Ah Ah!

Interviews: Mystifier, Beyond the rage, Rabbath Ammon, Vomepotro, Soils of fate, Necroscope zine, Bucho discos, Ahumado granujo, Paragon records, Vorkuta, Acodoty regulator, Ahriman...

Snail mail: Erik Zöldi, Rakoczi Ul 118. 1/1, 3900 SZERENCS, HUNGARY.