Even if the Brutal death scene do not have as strong old school valours as the old school death or black metal scenes, some enthusiasts keep on releasing their issues on paper. Quite cool isn't it?
So, SEWER is mostly focused on Brewtal Death metal, might it be Hewltra Brewtal and blablasting; or quite old styled (there are also few old school death appearances). In this issue, the DEVOURMENT interview is quite long and informative... well, a shame all interviews do not follow this exemple and are not more worked. That's not a generality: half of the time the chat is rather focused on the "Cool bro, we're brewtal" or some questions that do not suck enough worms from the nose of the speaking victim, while the other half can be paste in the "Quite long and informative enough" folder.
There are also a live report, and some reviews (that would deserve to be a bit less enthusiastic and draw more criticism... Yes! Do not hesitate to kick their ass! Ah Ah!)
All in all, I think it's a fanzine with an okey computer layout that might be cool for underground brutal death junkies.
Beware, because he's already working on issue 3! So I guess you won't wait too long for another dose of the brewtal. héhé

Interviews: Devourment, Malamor, Kaamos, Sanatorium, Godless truth, Cenotaph, Putrid pile, Carnal redemption, Inhuman dissiliency.

c/o Manos Michaelides, Nick Kazantzaki 37, Mykoniatika, Agioi Anargyroi, TK 13561 ATHENS, GREECE.