SENTINELLE DO NOT GIVE THE SLIGHTEST FUCK, and you'd better not give a fuck either, because if your moronic face happens to put its dirty computer-click-weblover nose in there, I don't give much chances of survival to your desperately spikeless "metaaaawl" façade! FUCK STERILE POSEURS!
This fanzine mostly into beer and black metal and rock'n roll has a quite "free and let-it-flow" state of mind, and you will often occur to meet some nice beer-infested delirias from here and there. The whole is cut and paste, with flyers and many background pictures fisting your skull, so of corpse putrid bastard, it looks chaotic (sometimes a little bit too much).
The interviews are quite long and not bad most of the time, the reviews are in a quite free style of writing, so if you disagree it's a matter of tastes and own chaotic purulence... I'm not really into the same kind of metallic styles (And I think some reviews could be more critical! It's time to kill the weaks! héhé) but I read some good things, such as a quite critical assault of zines reviews (They don't hesitate to say some nice things and spiking critics... The kind of stuff you'd quite hardly meet on the platonic homosexless web)... but I must say sometimes the written or visual delirias do not make it so convenient to read the whole in a serious state of mind... So it might be some kind of "fun" reading only, you putrid fucktard.

I'm usually not much into the obscure schemes of the politicians, but here in France the whole Mp3 download seems like it will become illegal! And that's not totally a bad thing if you ask me! The real METAL hierarchies of death might take again their courses! Everything won't be for free exactly the way you want it anymore! (Wasn't it a too beautiful dream?) and available to every little poser and "metal" wanabee (Being able to hear every and each cult or unknown band without any little effort isn't right if you ask me!), the good old flyers and snail mails and many trades the old way might take its courses again…The fanzines and reviews and interviews of any kind might take again a bit more of the importance it had in the past!... MORE DEATH AND PUTREFACTION!! PLEASURE TO KILL THE STUPID WEB!
Fucking shit! We need more fanzines of any kind! Paper publications being free from any stupid Internet-infested hippie stoned cock suckers! Welcome back to the hard way! DEATH IS OUR SAVIOUR!

This third French written issue features interviews with: AKITSA, ANIMUS HERILIS, THE MENTORS, VICTIMIZER, WOODS OF INFINITY, HELLBATS...
I think SENTINELLE might be of interest for you if you like black metal, alcoholic thrash metal and drink like a motherfucker who can't wait to die through the shredding sword of an ethylic coma!

No official contact (Probably for "freedom of speech" reasons), the zine is officially distributed by FORGOTTEN WISDOM Prods: