Some might wonder if the appearance of a new paper zine would help them to find their way through the legs of the bitches of forever filth, but it's a tough question since these paths are very menacing and full of dangers; Of course the final pleasure is worth the effort Ah Ah.
So will this new zine help you to find the right way to the so lusted-after entrance to the "V" cavern? Unfortunately no, necroboy, SCREAM BLOODY GORE might sound like the name of a mutant whore with very painful periods, but we are in front of a first issue that contains it's share of defects.
I enjoy the fact it's a fanzine, with the 3 first letters in capitals, and it can be felt as the editor seems to spend a cool moment, but there will be things to improve such as the length of interviews (Questions are short, so...) and the visual aspect (Because he "recycled" the cover of the "Swedish Death metal" book for his backgrounds and own cover). At quite many levels it reminds me some A5 zines you could find in France around 95-96, including the fact the layout was computer done (In my opinion the tool doesn't matter, too much of sterile crappy "shred and glue" doesn't mean it's good!) and the "let's have fun, don't stress too much" state of mind.
This first issue wasn't unpleasant to read, I kinda liked the UNLEASHED intie for example, so wish him good luck, good work, and let's see how he will improve the scream, the bloody and the gore for next issue.

Interviews: Daniel Ekeroth, Asphyx, Devastation, Unleashed, Sulphur Feast, Morbid breed, Body snatch...

c/o Antonio Lucio, Rua Avelina Pires Leitao, Lote 16A 2. Drt, 2955-137 Pinhal Novo, PORTUGAL.

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