Are you polish? Have you got polish roots? Have you got a polish hammer in your head?
At least I have a polish zine in the hands.

In the beginning of this post nuclear era, while most of the remaining trees were devoured by wound-absorbing parasitic micro organisms, I'm quite destructively lucky to be able to put my fingers on something else than a keyboard.
I still didn't learn polish, but I can tell you the content doesn't seem to be too morbidly different from other polish zines I read, it's focused on old school/ necro/ obscure metal in all its cunt-infiltrating diversity (Rather death and black).
The A4 pages are quite surprisingly full of text (As it contains few pictures) in an usual small margin/ Microsoft Word fashion.
If you had a polish grandmother, you could have the luck to hear someone read out loud interviews of Inferis, Necroccultus, Kulto Maldito, Abnormal sickness, Sacrofuck Conquest Iron or Necrowretch (Mister Century "Let's make cash" Media, you owe me a one dollar quote), about 86 reviews of records, 15 zine reviews and some live reports.
Total: 32 pages.
I could add there's a difference between the zine called Sarcofuck and the band Sacrofuck (First one is about the sarcophagus, second one is about the sacred... And it's different peoples). Now I need to make a yelling goat noise... Where's my USB goat emulator?
334,5 x 2 - 3!

c/o Piotr Beltowski
ul. Konstytucji 3go Maja 7/23
27-200 Starachowice
Email: necrothrone(a)