Even if this fanzine is a bit old, we always need more zines, so it's time for funzining! (Hey! No Fume-zining, I said funzining, so your imagination and cigarettes will have to remain in your pocket for now).
This first issue is a quite short A5 pile of paper that contains 36 pages and focuses on the kinds of metal you could like: Old school metal, with quite a lot of thrash, some NWOBHM, a bit of death and black, but it's globally rather focused on Thrash metal the old way and some speed/ heavy affiliates...
The interviews are nothing different than the ones from a FANzine, it's not especially kuntbreaking or long (Sometimes longer than average zinefun interpuking though) but if you want some nice reading and more metal metal, it could be enough for a milky refreshment. Interrogated victims are: ENFORCER, FRONT BEAST, VICTIMIZER, PAGAN RITES, PENTACLE, HEIMDALLS WACHT..
I was surprised to notice the absence of reviews, it lacks and makes the zine look shorter. Instead you have a bunch of flyers.
The drawings that run around some of the pages are quite ugly and not very cool, I guess he didn't practice a lot during school lessons...
Globally it's an average fanzine, the interviews are quite cool but the whole might have been a little too rushed... Some improvements would be needed for a possible second strike.
I didn't see traces of activity of the editor since quite some time (He also runs FINAL PUNISHMENT Recs and plays in a solo project called VULCAN TYRANT) but I guess he was doing quite a lot of things at the same time and needed to seriously focus on school for some time. It's understandable... I kinda did the same Ah Ah
If you really want to get a copy, try the DEATHSTRIKE Records' shop, he has few in stock (And not in "stockings"!! We're not in the fucking shemale gothmetal scene! Ah Ah!)