I spatiotemporally shit on your face!
I spread unctuous excrements on the frightened visage of every past and present incarnation from your lilliputian spiritual entity. And to make sure you will get the fruity message... Let's review a Russian zine! (Who knows, you might transmigrate as a Russian prostitute one day).
Some leg-raisers and gentle-pukers might be (Not totally) happy to read a new review of "The-zines-I-can't-understand"! This might be the first time I talk about a Russian-written zine (If I was working at Apple's brainwashing promotional services this could even be called a "Revolution" and an "Incredible experience", but I don't consider deforming reality so much would be something good).
So ROCK PROSPECT is an underground metal zine from Russia that already released 25 issues (Quite surprising since the editor (Who also plays in the thrash band TIRAN) doesn't seem to be 40 years old), and deals with the kinds of metal you could expect: Thrash, death, black, grind and other "Brutal tambour" brothers, the whole in an underground manner (Most of the bands are quite deep underground, and weren't released on "underground major labels" (Or enterprises behaving a same manner).
Even if the Russian alphabet looks so friendly you can't imagine how to pronounce any of the words, I can say the interviews and reviews are of a decent length, and there should be enough of content for someone reading a zine of this kind. (This seems to remind me a bit of FATAL UNDERGROUND by moments, but I don't know if the writing is so close).
The eighty-eight A5-sized pages gather quite a lot of content, the whole with a regular/ usual Winword layout (This might be something to improve).
The cover was printed on black and white "Anti Scrub My Ass" glossy paper, so I imagine some smelly goblins would be tempted to claim Rock Prospect is an "EXCREMENT PROOF" zine (Never trust them, they are either too small or too smelly to say something right).
That's all for now, if you ever resurrect as a smelly Goblin don't forget to learn Russian and lay a couple of fingers on this zine, you might find cool bands to bang your head against the radiators.

Interviews: Gods tower, Menstrual divider, Nocturnal depression, Graveyard, Lost god, Mournful gust, Thrashgrinder, Relicts, Tyranex, Astarium, Inter abores.

c/o Gorbanev AD, Lenina 22-26, Velikie Luki, 182100, RUSSIA.
Email: wod-prods(a)