Leaded by the winds of horrific demon semence, we keep on devouring more manifestations of underground putridity!
Ok, this fanzine is surely not the most putrid since the layout is clear, computer done (With few background pictures from here and there), and since the whole has a neat touch (Glossy cover and apparently pro-xeroxed inner pages), but if you read Russian and feel attracted by the underground you might be interested?
It's 44 pages long, in an A5 format, and deals mostly with Death, thrash, black and the close affiliates. The interviews seem to be long enough, or better said of a normal size. There are also quite a lot of not too short reviews.
Even if I don't understand the writings, or if the layout is not the same and it's not as old school, I have the feeling something in the spirit and choice of bands could remind of German zine FATAL UNDERGROUND (I might be wrong, so you bump me if you read German and Russian...).
The examination of my underground sonar will stop here, Russian is even harder to understand than polish and most of these bands are unfamiliar.
If you want some underground support in Russia, this contact might work: We did a trade an his package arrived without zigzaging problems.

Interviews: Phlebotomy, Cavandish, Incineration, Trunar, Illogicist, Disgod, Kogai, Riotor, Septory, Thrash attack zine...

c/o Gorbanev AD, Lenina 22-26, Velikie Luki, 182100, RUSSIA