Some peoples say "Give the dog a bone"... But if we turned it to "Give the bear a beer"? It could be more funny!
Dancing and roaring bears, jumping bears, puking bears... And more like flying bears, polka bears, vodka bears... Yes, polka and vodka, you might have understood, we're back in Poland! The European land where metal is more ugly... I'm not sure if there are so many bears in there, but at least there are many fanzines, and once again you'll read the beerview of a funzine written in polish! Are you ready to switch on your bear-vision? Here we drink: I noticed since a few issues R'LYEH turned out to be more professional, the (s)lay-out looks better and there's more and more stuffs to read... Always into the underground and metal metal point of puke, but the editor also seems to inject touches of humor from here and there (Didn't learn polish yet, but I understand the language of pictures). Sometimes the visual ass-pect of the thing (Argh, the thing, I'm terrorized... Will be hard to sleep tonight) reminds me of French FOEDUS AETERNUS (Yet not as worked), it's computer done in a clear way yet with some fantasy from here and there... The cover is on glossy paper, the inside pages are on regular paper but were probably pro printed. The interviews are long and (apparently) speaking enough. There are quite a lof of quite long reviews, and few articles, live reporks...
Intities: Turbo, Deiphago, Demonic halocaut, Hesperus dimension, Hailstorm, Lividity, Imago mortis, Gortal, Age of agony, Sinful souls, November, Nunslaughter, Disgod... And more.
R'LYEH is still quite strongly bound to the black metal world, but there are also other extreme metal styles inside and apparently enough "fun" to make it a cool mag for underground extreme metallers... Now learn polish and tell me if I'm wrong.

c/o Adrian, P.O. Box 20, 02919 WARSZAWA 76. POLAND.
Email: hellishband (a)