"The time for printed fanzines is over..." Ah Ah Ah! Let me laugh!! I receive new paperzines every week, a bit too much to read everything! So the time for funzines isn't exactly over, you fucking fucker! Those who want zines will get zines, those who want to print zines will be more or less able to do it... This is "simply" not as easy as it once was, every metaller won't mistake you anymore for a well-rounded lovable playmate simply coz you're a "Zine-maker" and it will need some pain to correctly distribute the funzine... Ok, we're in 2007 and it's obvious editors need to adapt their asses to the new piss-millenium, so why not adapting themselves to the new laws of funzining on paper instead of turning online and translucent?
In fact I just told you about my inability to read everything from the zines; This doesn't only result from a too big quantity of evil scriptures to invade my mailbox, but also from the fact every zines aren't exactly English written... lol... In this precise case, it's all Polish spoken and I don't get most of the words... But I can tell you this is an underground focused zine, and the editor is mostly into black metal (With some death and thrash). The interviews seem to be quite long an talkative (Absurd, Sauron, Holy death, Moloch lethalis, Pater noster, Morysian fog, Embrional, Hail satan, Total war prod...), the reviews aren't especially short... And there's a nice little surprise for you, evil black metaller! Adrian had the funny idea to offer something special inside... No, this isn't the usual poster you'll stick on your putrid walls... No! With this kit you'll be able to build your own little church of paper, and then to burn it as if you were Norwegian for real! Killer!!! (A matchstick is even enclosed! Lol). You'll be able to say it, with the very necro and darkened face, "I DID IT! I BURNT A CHURCH IN MY TOWN!" Ah Ah.
The zine isn't especially ultra big, but the 48 pages are packed with enough small fonts to make it compressed and tight like a juicy little... Something that doesn't look like a cunt! You putrid pervert!! The layout is too clear and simple in my opinion.
I'm more or less in touch with the editor, and he seems serious with writing back or trades, so if you want a bit more underground support in Poland, send a snail mail with many flyers here:
Adrian, PO BOX 20, 02919 WARSZAWA 76, POLAND.