I'm not a fan of all the whole black metal scene, it's obvious... But sometimes you receive some zines that attract your attention for cool reasons... In the case of RITUAL MURDER, I appreciated the quite honest thoughts to be revealed, the apparent hierarchy of tastes (Things are far more complex than black or white) and some blackened / ugly humor... You probably got it's not the average "Let's be true and necro" zine, since much more personality and experience can be found inside.
The interviews are personalized and quite interesting, the reviews are honest and numerous, the dark but easily readable layout is situated between the cut'n paste and the computerized... I might be wrong, but I might say the substance and atmosphere is situated somewhere between PANZERFAUST and NECROSCOPE zine.
I have not much to complain about RITUAL MURDER, apart from the usual matter of tastes and the fact I would enjoy the reading much more if it wasn't stuffed with about 80% of black metal... There's a total of 60 pages. Interviews: OBEISANCE, FURZE, CHRISTICIDE, CIANIDE, EMBRACE OF THORNS, TOTAL HOLOCAUST Records, KAAMOS, INCRIMINATED, MORBID EXECUTION, BESTIAL RAIDS, EITAN BLOOD, NECROS CHRISTOS.
The editor doesn't care for distribution, but prefers to directly sell his copies, so the best way to get yours will probably be to send a snail mail here: Marek Górecki, ul. Ostrowiecka 6/49, 62-600 Radom 12 POLAND or to send an email here: