Consider your flesh lucky! This is almost a polish zine, this could have been one more issue of "The zines I can't understand"... But hopefully for your ocular wounds, the editor relocated to the dis-united states of madame Erica about 10 years ago and was able to acclimate the English tongue (Contrary to some old polish grandmas who didn't speak 10 words of French after more than 40 years in France, but that's another die hard story...) so you can read and understand at the same time, which isn't too bad ahah... Before settling in the arms of madame Erica, the headitor used to do another publication in polish, so it's some kind of come back after long years of absence. This first issue under a new name doesn't seem to be big at first sight, you could think 'Huh, there's only 5 interviews", but indeed these interviews aren't especially short, especially the one of the old polish band MAGNUS which takes 3 pages and runs into many details and thoughts from the past; While reading I kinda feel like remembered some old issues of TALES OF THE MACABRE zine, with a bit of PANZERFAUST zine, it's serious and professional, with quite a lot of details. There are also other interviews with STILLBORN, THRONEUM, MYTHOLOGICAL COLD TOWERS, INFERNAL EXECRATOR, plus a couple of reviews and two live reports. The visual aspect of the thing looks ok, not much fancy but the small text size helps to have more content packed. The written content was built in an informative, fresh and quite enthusiastic manner, but for the next release I think a bit of "jokes" or personality (Extracting more decomposing juice from the undersoils?) might help to make the reading a little more varied or pleasant...
For a "first" small issue it's not bad, quite professional and details penetrating, so let's see how it will evolve in the forthcoming pages. He told me the next issue should be bigger than 16 A4 pages, with more reviews, so there would be more to read...

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