To distinguish myself from myself, and especially from the current myself, I'll review more zines.
Yesterday and today aren't worth a razorblading bean, so keep on bleeding the razorback... With rusty razors of corpse!
REEK is a new Death metal zine supporting the underwears of the new old school Death metal new-new necro-wave (Got it?), and it's quite close to a few new zines I met lately that rememburge strongly of the end 80's funziners. I first saw a lookalike parallelism with ABHORRENT DECAY, but finally the content is not so close (Maybe mix it with a bit of IRON HAMMER (Less metal metal) and a bit of THRASH ATTACK (More voluble)) and REEK is a bit more satisfying than the first mentioned bikoz the reviews are longer and there's more content. Now the interviews aren't all-ways penetrating the minds of the victims to steal some little existential jewels of peer-to-peersonality, half is rather short and reminds fanzines from the end 80's (Also for that matter), but it should come out with more right hand rehearsals (I meant with the pen, of corpse!). The layout is computer made, with drawn margins and some flyers or some cutopaste...
To scum it up, and use a "bottom trapper" cliché, I'll say: This is a fanzine made by a fan for fans... It's only about music and doesn't focus on what lies around... Might fit the reading needs of those enthusiastic for the new-new-wave-of-old-school-Death-metal, but there's nothing or rememburgeance yet.

Interviews: Shackles, Tribulation, Fatalist, Nuclear Winter Records, Maim and Miasmal.

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