Someone just treated me of nazi and homophobic because I had the good idea to write "No melodic gay froot loop metal" somewhere! Ah ah! Some peoples are so devoid of humor and have problems to think before clicking the "Send" button... Fuck! Now I need to review a fanzine written in German to look even more NS and detestable!
So, this nice looking A5 zine that comes with a golden cover is focused on old school heavy metal and have a slightly different approach from the usual metal zines, in the sense it's rather something for collectors. A part of the content contains the quite detailed infos reminding me what some vinyl-sellers cherish in their: Complete label catalog, precise vinyl infos (Green, marble, test press, amount of copies, serial number, and apparently the weight or the thickness), ... Uh, it's quite detailed infos for the music listener I am. But don't be too afraid, many albums from the "JAPAN SPEZIAL" comes with a little review and the cover picture (44 Magnum, Action, Akira, Bow wow, Color, Fatima hill, Lazy, Loudness, Outrage or Sabrabells are some of the bands), same for the article about O.P.M Records (Deuce, Mx, Roc Lochner, Armed forces, Commandment, Ironcross, Appollo ra are enclosed) that also comes with an interview. There are also few articles ("Des metalheads ideale") and the zine counts 40 pages as a whole.
My opinion will remain flat as water since I don't read German and don't feel too concerned with quite meticulous collecting, but I think some heavy metal fanatics might like RARE RECORDS, to discover some albums or rediscover some listening pleasure from the past.

c/o Jens Häfner, Wolliner Str.1, 26215 WIEFELSTEDE, GERMANY.