Emanating from the depths of the evil seed, more Death metal paper zines are rising from the entrails of this sacrificial pork lying on the altar for the vile forgotten underground, to perverse what remains of the once Death metal scene.
This time, we welcome PUTREFACTIVE EFFECT, a new fanzine run by two guys of DEEP VEIN.
As well as every new fanzines, PUTR-EFFECT has its load of defects and qualities... Some interviews are quite short, the layout isn't compressed enough as it lets a bit too much blank space from here and there, and the content isn't totally in English, as a part of the articles (interviews and live reports) are in French.
But for a first issue, I already read some worst attempts trying to revive the already decomposing cadaver: A part of the interviews aren't bad, it's long enough and quite well done (Even if more complex/ deep questions would be welcome). The reviews are quite long enough, but they review mostly what they like (so we won't really have to face their putrid opinions or anal-impalements of the posers...).
As said, it's some kind of average first issue, but since it's sold for a cheap price, I think it has enough to be entertaining enough for (rather French and English reading) underground Extreme metal music fans who need to read more, and more, to feel putrid and sexy (or sexily putrid, it's you to choose) in this almost underground-free metal scene.

Interviews: Estuary, Vore, Luctiferu, Offending, Pulmonary Fibrosis, The bottle doom lazy band, Sypnosis, Vaginal Purulence, Anatomia, Third world mourning, Desecration.

c/o Jimmy Beautour, Bec Oiseau, 16230 Juille, France.