Prostate, what else?
Due to the moniker of this fanzine, I feel obliged to unroll my extra long Gene Simmons tongue and blowjob the Norwegian editor
Something cool with Prostata is it doesn't focus on a precise genre (You find grind, Death, thrash, grind, black, crust.. Yes there’s a bit more grind than others) and doesn't serve the diversity with a too open-minded or polite approach that tries to force your consciousness; The state of mind is too relaxed for that, with some jokes and something fukked in the chocolate.
The tone of interviews is quite fukked, understand a part of the questions is something like "black humor" or random ideas that come from nowhere. It works well for a part, not as well when the band doesn't get the humor (As said on his myspace page, interviews go "from interesting to ridiculous"). At least it's not always the regular questions and can lead to different answers.
The tone sometimes reminds me of CUNT'N PASTE's drunk tendencies, or a bit of GRIMOIRE OF EXALTED DEEDS (I might be wrong, it's a long time ago), or DEFIANCE OF GOTHIC NIRVANA (But less sarcastic and paranoid) or maybe myself when I get into sewer porn leapfrog.
The layout is cut'n paste; While some pages are quite cool, others (50%) let me wonder why he stole the drawings of his little child, or cut photos from grandma's underwear catalog, et scaetera. This is the part I liked the less with this zine. Ok, it's humor and it could remind of some "noise" DIY zines, but it could be better.
I'm afraid this zine is reserved to individuals with balls, and served only against a proof of circumcision. So prepare to insert your "goat penis" in the xerox machine if you want to lay your fingers on these 38 pages.
Conclusion: This could be a nice zine if you like underground metal/ grind, humor and sewer relaxation that can get fukked, but not too fukked yet.

Interviews: Nocturnal breed, Skitsystem, Fondlecorpse, Tinner, Lobotomized, Obliteration, Blaspherian, Agathocles, Dan Lilker, Evil angel, No poser please, Zoldier noiz,Cliteater, Alcoholic nightmare, Stone vengeance, Txqxbxn, Magrudergrind...

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