Trying to read polish zines was quite boring after a while... I didn't understand most of the words, contrary to some Spanish or eventually German... So for a change, I decided to review a Hungarian zine... And what a surprise! It's as easily ununderstandable! Ah Ah! The only difference might lie in the fact there's less "Zkhzt" or "Kzozszuk" madness, it was just a bit less irritating...
But what about the content? This new fanzine is focused on the extreme music styles that follow: Grindcore, brutal death and death grind.
The editor choose to support underground bands, which is not a totally bad idea if you ask me, so you could see interviews with: ART OF MADNESS, INDUSTRIAL NOISE, SANITYS DAWN, CORPSE FUCKING ART, DAILY LIFE SUCKS, SUDDEN DEATH, LONG PIG, MASS GRAVE SYMPHONIES, DECOHERENCE (And few others) that seems to be more or less long depending on the interviewed victims. Of corpse, you'll also find reviews of music releases and some movies...
The pages were computer done; It's clear, readable and quite cool, but a little effort would make the half opened legs more appealing in our vicious scum-addicted eyes.
The editor seems to be somewhat into underground dust and undergrind grounds of blasting urges (If it ever means anything Ah Ah), maybe I should simply say he supports some "Not so good bands who play it quite raw and unpolished"?... There's a possibility to get a CDr compilation, but I don't remember if it always comes with the zine.
If you read Hungarian, or would like one more grinding underground contact, or would like some support in these lands, it might be a right address. SUPPORT THE UNDERGROUND, NOT THE UNDERWEARS!

c/o Kudri David, Gr. Apponyl Albert ut 26, Tokaj 3910, HUNGARY.