This pile of A4 paper pages is a fanzine... Woohooo! What did you expect? A porn magazine or better, an used porn magazine? So you were wrong because what we can find into this polish stuff talks mostly about metal... Death metal, black metal, thrash metal... The content is focused on the same stuffs than many old school zines who like it  ugly and raw.
The reviews are quite numerous and deal with various stuffs like records, fanzines... and bootlegs. But these reviews are often short and don't bring much to the table than the editor's opinion and few details... It can be nice if you want to relax... But please give us more juice if you want to catch our thirsty eyes.
The interviews are quite long enough, but the cut'n paste layout is a bit fucked in the sense it lacks of clarity... Anyway if you're have installed the necro graphic-recognition firmware in your metal mind you should be able to read and extract some infos about metal music, the scene, the musician's passion and this kind of stuffs.
I said the interviews were cut and pasted, but it's only for the backgrounds since the texts were typed on a computer (Or portable phone? I don't think so). On the other hand the reviews were totally computer typed and come with a logo half of the time. It seems this zine is only for the "Beer/ Fuck off/ I don't give a fuck" kind of metallers... Sometime it can remind of COMPLETE NECRO and zines like that.
In the beginning I spoke about porn magazines, well this zine isn't totally devoid of sex: There's an article about porn movies in which the editor gets quite excited (Hh) but also praises sex without condoms (What the fuck??).
This isn't one of the worse zines I read, I would say it's average: The interviews could bring some infos, but the zine could be improved on various aspects and there are better publications dealing with the same genres. For big fans of zines only.
c/o Pawel Wjtowicz, Mozarta 16, 80166 GDANSK, POLAND.
Email: Knokkelmann1(a)