I heard about this fanzine several times, but I'm only able to read it now. Quite surprinsigly the content is very much Brutal death focused (while many current paper zines follow the old school taste), it reminds me some fanzines I could read around 1998 and 1999, when the Brutal death scene was still very underground! It's very much Brutal death focused, with interviews of bands like FERMENTO, MOCKERY, GOREFUCK, PUSTULATED, FORENSICK, IMPURE, DISINTERMENT, CARRIONED, GLUT!, as well as a good portion of the reviews, but the guys are also opened to other extreme styles like Black and thrash-death metal (interviews of PRIMEGENIUM, BARBARIAN PROPHECIES, EMPTY, DEATH SQUADRON... ). These interviews are cool and quite interesting, even though the english of the guys isn't always the best, but remains understandable. I'm less interested in reviews since it's short and almost descriptive only: few personal opinion is displayed... maybe they don't want to make "enemies" Ah Ah! But they don't receive that much promos: 60% of the stuffs reviewed were bought or traded, which is a good point! But Unfortunately all music isn't so cool! Notice a 2x CDr compilation is included with the zine, it contains many underground bands, and especially a bunch of Spain outifts I didn't hear about before.
The layout is clear and all ok, the fanzine seems to be xeroxed in a pro manner, so this is easily readable! This might be an interesting fanzines for the US Brutal death fans who are yet open minded to other extreme kinds of music, and it might be a cool way to promote your extreme metal as well! Nice to meet this kind of paper zines in the current cybernetically fooled underground!

c/o Fernando Romero Bastante, c/o, MADRID N10, 14120 FUENTE PALMERA, CORDOBA, SPAIN.