Do you remember all these so professional, open minded and full of irrelevance webzines that were printed on totally professional pages that actually shew nothing else than their lack of warm burning metal passion? Most of their editors actually use the web, since it's the cleanest, easiest and nicest way to promote their "cerebral feeling" sterile music... and I'm more than happy to see most of the remaining really underground paper zines are ugly, nasty, crappy, gore pieces of papers being ran by metallers who at least put some real blood inside their beer! Ah!
What you have here, motherfucker, is a nice new fanzine that focuses on the old school kinds of metal: old school or brutal raw black metal, old school death with few old grind... nothing new nor highflying! The layout is all cut'n paste the old way, which looks cool and very old by moments! Total underground with the right feeling! Concerning the interviews, there are both rather and less interesting ones, the main "problem" comes from the not that great (but readable) English of the writer, or some of the inties being quite short, but most of the time it turns into something cool! Purgatory cross-examinations feature: SARGATANAS,  GOATVOMIT, SADISTIK EXEKUTION, EXCARNATED, HORRID, HEPTAMERON, BLOOD, DEPRESSION, RAVENCULT, THRONEUM, FRONT BEAST, ATAVISM, CIANIDE, HAEMORRRHAGE, , BEAST PETRIFY, MORBOSIDAD... The reviews are quite too short and would deserve to be more personal (than a description) in my eyes! More blood and valours in your writings please! Next time, please don't throw beer everywhere on your pages! Ah Ah... Just joking... All in all a cool fanzine being anyway more enjoyable than most of webzines... I'm not sure if the zine still exists, but it's probably the case.

c/o Stefano Zandarin, Via Torino 12, 13040 Palazzolo (Vercelli), ITALY.
No email! Do your remember what a pen is??