The name of this fanzine could strongly remind of goregrind, bondage, sexual torture, juicy ball castration... But once you think about the meaning of the two words, the kinds of music immediately largen, as the goal is to tease your hears with hot sounds from the underground. So the cuntent of the pages is quite varied between brutal death, Death metal, grind, a little of black metal and few other extreme "metallic" neighbors... But after all the whole could be listed under the "Death grind zine" category.
Even though some inties seem to be with some upcoming local hear-oes (And so are quite short), most is of a quite good length, and a few are quite long... There's quite a lot of reviews indeed, urgh, I didn't have batteries left for my countometer so I can't tell exactly how many, but there should be enough for those who like to read in Hungarian... Wait... Hungarian??... Yes! This is another review of "the zines I can't understand"; I know this little "blind-review" game might turn off some readers, but ORAL CLIMAX seems to be a cool zine and I feel quite close to this mix of brutal death/ Death and grind...
To conclude, I'll say the 48 x A4 pages were visually put in order thanks to a computer, it looks quite nice even if a little more variety or demonic pill could enhance the size of your cock (Yes, you know this bird that sings "Cocorico"). I noticed no contact address was given in the CDs/ fanzines review sections, which could be changed (Grrr). This is all I can say from what I can gather from this issue. If you live in hunga hunga Hungary (Sorry, I have an apache libidinal pregnancy these days), try to get a copy and make your own prosthetic mind.

Interviews: Age of agony, Arson, Catalepsy, Decaying purity, Despondency, Distorted impalement, Dög, Fostartäly, Goblin gore, Incubus (Mark Lavenia), Jack, Kill with hate, Long pig, Malediction, Masachist, Massacre (Michael Borders), Megazetor, Messhugah, Misery index, Paedetrician, Rotten sound, Sayyadina.

C/o török Janos, Oriszentpéter, Kovŕczsser 23, 9941, HUNGARY.
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