It seems high time for me to learn Polish! Ah Ah! At least it seems the polish zine-scene is in a more than pretty good health and those who feel too alone and bored in front of their old zines collection might need to consider the learning of this language... Ok, it's a quite difficult tongue, but aren't the underground metallers addicted to strong efforts? Héhé
Anyway, what we have here is a 4 pages newsletter focused on reviews of underground releases, mostly black and death metal (Apparently the "Old school" way)... And all is written in... Polish! So I won't tell much more about the content in itself, but the reviews are quite long and full of indescribable words (That might add some touch of mystery Ah Ah). Notice there's 1/4 of zines reviews (Ah!) and the whole contains few pictures as it's packed & compressed to insert the maximum of infos.
There was no contact info, so if you want to get a copy get in touch with an underground supporter like Adrian of R'LYEH zine who sent me one.