This is a new A5 paper zine that mostly focuses on thrash metal in the most underground manners. You can find ok interviews in the usual manner, although it's a bit short (Usually 10 questions) and the questioning could be more thought or personal.
The layout is computer done (Something like Photoshop) but the Xerox quality isn't the best and it makes the zine look very underground.
There are also few very enthusiastic reviews which show the editor is very much into the thrash world.
The zine contains its share of mistakes, it's a first issue and it shows, but things might improve with the next ones as everything needs a beginning. Hope the next issue will contain more content, personality, easily readable pages, so maybe I could advice NOISEGATE to a big underground thrash maniac... The editor also runs a tape label in a very underground manner (Releases I got had all hand drawn booklets).

Interbangs: Chaos creation, Wehrmacht, Stainless, Gama bomb, Horrifier, Judgment hammer, John Greely.

C/o Boris Gjerovski, Cvetan Dimov b.b, Tetovo, Republic of Macedonia.
Email: noisegatemk (a)