Our cavities of the deep underground are bored!
Yes, it seems more and more peoples forget to dig in there, to discover more and more cool underground bands, as it's easier to remain under the light of the mainstream laws and to keep on clicking as fast as pussyble, just to spend time! If the once workers of the depth keep on forgetting what once was the goal, I bet our beloved cavities will keep on narrowing and blocking, and it will become very hard to explore the depths unless you have a personal wrecking crane!

Since I keep on digging, let's make some holes in the ground of the Philippines with NOISE ATTACK Zine.
This publication is new on paper, but some fans of (s)extreme music might know about it because the guy runs a webzine under the same name.
The content is rather focused on grindcore, taking the part of this style that comes from the HC side of the blast.
You have the usual inties, reviews, the whole written in a friendly style (It might be too nice!! We need to be ass-kicked without mercy, especially when it sucks or when we recorded some crap, dude! Thanx from advance for the severe anal punishment!) plus some not so usual stuffs such as the opinion of some underground peoples about various subjects ("My first grind/ noise record"... "What motivates you to run a fanzine"... "My first toped anal penetration" (Just joking/ Gab). Not sure if everyone would dig it so much, since it takes quite some space, but it sounds quite 'new', so why not?)
The zine is deep underground focused (This means NO Relapse band), A5 sized (This means I still haven't found the mighty APOIL sized zine!), in English (Could be easier to read). A nice zine to have your grinding band supported. Hopefully Philippines aren't strictly filled with bloody Rip offs! I wait for the improvements of next issue.

Interviews: Symphonic Blast, Nihilistic Holocaust, Onanizer, Inner Surge, Rotten Cold, Dick Stink.

c/o Joselito Sional, MCPO Box 3589, Makati, 1275 Philippines.