Hell Fucking Fuckters and Fucktards of any kind! It's time to drown in the past... checking out a zine of the present that reviews nowadays bands! But I'm talking about an underground publication that keeps on supporting the very deep underground and maintaining the same spirit since many years! Some of you who were in the international snail-mails and flyers deep underground before 2001 probably ever heard about NECROSCOPE, and crossed the morbid ways of many vicious little flyers in your letters, but could't read an issue because it was all Polish written... Hopefully, Adam decided to turn from Polish to English with this 16th issue, to reach more putrid skulls that can't stop begging for more underground obscurity, and blow the maxxximum fuses in this scene plagued by clear as light and clean as a neat-crapglass Internet computer fukks' sterile invasion in your "closed mind". GRRRRROOOAAAARRR!!!
So, the fanzine contains a nice evil-couple of long enough interviews, and a bunch of reviews (I didn't count it all... but it shouldn't be far from 200-250).
The English isn't always very good, sometimes quite hard to understand if your mind isn't well concentrated, but that's his first English issue and I hope things will improve in the future.I sometimes feel a more critical edge in the reviews would be welcome, because once the style of the bands fits the editor's tastes (Old school death, raw black metal and thrash metal... No melodic shit!) he tends to write mostly good or enthusiastic reviews, that's also the case of many underground maniacs who drown in the older kinds of metal... but a more critical edge is always welcome to separate the average, from the good, from the very good, and so on...
I must say Adam uses to do a lot of tapes (and now CDr) trading, so many of the releases reviewed in there are coming from underground resistance-camps situated everywhere around the world... And the fanzine could also be used as a big 140 A5 pages trade list! Not a bad idea... At the condition you understand that trading a tape or a CDr with another country isn't totally "useless"... You fucking poofter!... It could help to find some obscure demos one can't absolutely not download in your boring Mp3-sharing-Fagware! YOU FUCKING POOFTER!! But do you only know what a demo is?? YOU FAGGING FUKKTER!!?!

The layout is very simple and compressed, there's almost only text, so there's no real 'waste' of space... but I'd like to see a bit more pictures and logos from here and there to improve the look of the zine... Please Adam, cut it and paste it ;-)

The interviews you will read, if you're "courageous" enough to send a letter to Poland are: HELLWITCH, HELLISH CROSSFIRE, TEITAN BLOOD, CRUSH BIZARRE/ VICTIMIZER, MASTIFAL, CRUCIFIED MORTALS, MODER, OLD, HORRID FLESH, BLASPHEMOPHAGER, EMPHERIS/ HELLISH + a tape trader intie.

Now, if you are another one of these evil-clikers who claim to be "Real metallers being spiked to the (ass?)core" and "Total undergrounders who only support what's obscure", you take your pen and you write in there: Adam Stasiak, Ul. Zakopianska 42/3, 80139 GDANSK, POLAND.
Email: No email! Ah Ah! You lazy poofter!