The Polish underground seems to be very active, at least I hear about many bands, many zines and get gangbanged by all the vicious flyers I get mailbombed with ... And this is already the 3rd Polak paper zine I got this month... It's great to see these guys didn't forget the meaning of Underground and occur to write back when you send a snailmail... This time, the Polak funzinator (Aka an editor who releases a funzine (= A fanzine done for fun))'s currently examinated work comes under the form of 32 A4 pages, all written in... Polish! Héhé. The content is focused on funderground things like Death, Black and thrash metal, with apparently talkattack interviews (Some have long answers, while others contain many questions and many short answers). What you read on the cover can help to have an idea of the taste-of-mind: "Drink, Fight, Fuck"... "The real underground"... The layout is computer done, some pages are nice while others are a bit too clean. There's actually no review in this issue (At least I didn't find it) but mostly interviews with: SMIRNOFF, OPEN FIRE, GILOTYNA, LASTWAR, AGGRESSOR, CONVENT, SILENT TEARS, PUTRIFIED MUSHROOMS,HELL-IAS, BLOODY PSYCHO...

This seem to be another cool underground contact, the guy got back to my promo with a zine and two demos from Poland... To get in touch write there: Wojtek Lis, Ul. Dekutowskiego 16/39, 39-400 Tarnobrzeg, POLAND.